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Let’s go to your room.
Only now Mishka realized that it was impolite to make the guest trample in the hallway.
He hastily jumped back and made an inviting gesture: – Come in, please! Santa Claus entered the room where Mishka had just fought with textbooks.
– Sit down! – said the bear, pointing to the chair.
The old man sat down.

“Sit down,” he said, pointing to a chair opposite, and listen to me carefully.
Mishka hastily sat down, turning to the ear.
– As you probably understand with the help of magic, you can easily learn anything, but it is often not recommended to use it for purely educational reasons.
For your good behavior this year, I will once make it so that you can respond to literature without learning it.
Tomorrow you have the last lesson before the New Year holidays, and this will happen in a literature class, just do not be surprised.
Your desire to take revenge on Irina Nikolaevna and her son can be combined.
Tell me, did you watch the movie “Fantomas”? – Yes, – answered Mishka, – otpadny film.

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The latter was only partly true, against the background of the current production of Hollywood the aforementioned film looked pale, but Mishka did not want to offend the old man.
– That is what I decided to use.
With the help of magic, for the time left until your mother’s return, I will turn you into a complete likeness of Ruslan and send you to the water park.
Ruslan himself at this time will be removed from there.
If you watched a movie, you know what to do and how.
If you wish, you can get any item for this, of course, within reasonable limits.
If you need to interrupt the process ahead of time, use this bracelet.
With these words, Santa Claus stretched a plastic bracelet to Mishka, from a distance resembling a watch.
– Put it on before you take Ruslan’s appearance.
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