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Pavel together with one of his acquaintances overtook him in the toilet and with frank threats returned what was acquired by overwork.
But it was not the end! Then there was a mentovka,

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saying about the thief, the investigator’s office, who wanted to fuck Paul right on the table after pouring another dose of alcohol into him (although he could not do it).
When Pashka finally found himself at home with the strongest alcohol syndrome, he looked empty in the mirror at his face, which some two months ago forced others to look after its owner, while he was walking with a proudly raised head and a haughty smile, now it looked like crap near the toilet in a public toilet and was more suited to the person who serves someone on the pod, than a high-paying lawyer with many years of banking experience.
Seeing himself as if from the outside, the guy realized that his life was rolling downhill.
That same evening, a friend’s bell rang in his apartment: – Hello! – voiced a voice in the tube.
– Uh-uh, hello! – the young alcoholic answered somewhat inhibited.
– We are going? – with genuine joy, Paul asked his fellow party.
– Where? Maybe for a start, at least you will ask, how am I doing? – the raised tone and with undisguised irritation in the voice asked the guy.
– Hmm, why?
You do not get used! Ha, I also have a sissy! So we go to the club? Che home to sit? Let’s go and pobuha! – with a mockery said friend.
And then Paul burst out: – Thank you for the offer, but I have enough! And you go wherever you want, and fuck, with whom you want, at least two fucks, you are not used to it! Until! – with frank aggression and anger at this asshole he snapped.

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On this day, for the first time in a long time, Paul said “no” to idleness, and after two weeks he went to work, still not as taut and fresh as before, but still getting better.
Six months have passed.
Pavel himself recommended a responsible employee, a professional and just a charming guy at the new job, besides healthy sleep, balanced nutrition and sport did their job, and now the guy looked, what is called, as an updated version and even better than ever.
Here it is worth making a retreat and describe our pseudo-hero.
Perched seventy-eight centimeters high above the ground, Pavel had dark blond hair, powerful legs, a flat stomach, broad shoulders, an elbow-and-boo ass, sensual lips, a straight nose with a light crook, smooth sparkling teeth.
He was always dressed inconspicuously, but with an exceptional sense of style and taste, sexy, but not vulgar.
His main treasure was his eyes — golden brown and sometimes black (depending on the emotions he was experiencing), while slightly slanting, but the matter was not even in their color or shape, but in how this bully looked at people! He could, with one glance, charm or embarrass, talk or force him to shut up, start or cool, the whole range of feelings and emotions could slip on his face in a split second and lead a person into the abyss of despair or pleasure.
This is exactly how Pavel entered the office of the Bank’s Board on that fateful day that changed his life and the life of another person.
The boy, or rather, a lawyer who passed the fire, water, copper pipes and even under the tank was on fire, was sitting in the boardroom now, waiting for everyone to gather.
Today he had a very responsible day, he had to defend the interests of their service, given that one of the deputy heads was very hostile towards the legal department.
The immediate leader of Pavel called the guy yesterday after work and told him in a tired and hoarse voice: – Pavel, I feel very badly and will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, therefore you will have to attend it.
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