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Bongacams crystal.
Now, if I didn’t like Serezha and I’d lay with him against my

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will, then this could be considered adultery.
And if I liked him, then why should I deny myself the pleasure? Especially in the one I experienced.
After giving birth, my vagina stretched a little, and with Seryozha I felt like a girl again.
Although they say that the value does not play a big role, but this is asserted by men, who never understand us women.
It seems to them that caress can compensate for internal sensations.
What, then, they are looking for young girls themselves, or want to try.
in the back? Actually, I learned a lot.
Before marriage, I was a stupid fool, who gave not for pleasure, but simply out of interest, like my girlfriends.
With my husband, I seemed to have learned everything, tried and tested everything.
But all these years I have had no other to compare.
I thought I was fine, but I didn’t know what happened and beautifully.
My husband laid out Luba on the bed and went to work actively with them, and Seryozha did not hurry.
He put me on my back, spread my legs and started kissing so that I immediately swam.
So much so that it became embarrassing, as if no one had ever done it to me before.
Or did it happen that I was accustomed to the caresses of my husband, or Serezha did it differently, but I immediately disconnected.

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It was so amazing that I, without the slightest shame, began to do to him too, although I hadn’t been sure at all that I would allow myself with my husband.
On the contrary, the more confidently I did it, the more I wanted it.
It was not at all like her husband, I.
this feeling intensified my passion.
Even when Seryozha whispered that I could bring him to orgasm, I had no desire to stop my caresses, which brought me to wild rabies.
Never before have I experienced my own orgasm, giving my husband oral sex.
And here it happened.
I myself even agreed that I did not always allow my husband.
True, in the morning I did this to my husband so that he did not think that I was passing over his attention.
But again, one thing to do the most, and the other – at the behest of her husband.
We agreed in advance for the whole night, and for that night I realized that my Sasha was in some way an egoist.
In bed with me, he always thinks above all about his own pleasure, considering that I feel good with him.
Recently, he has generally become lazy.
I’m not ready yet, but give it to him.
When Anybody and I talked in the kitchen, she said that her Seryozha never hurries.
At first, he will make his wife caress her orgasm, and then they will do the rest.
True, Lyuba admitted that if she wasn’t enough – to be moistened, then at first she just hurt with her husband.
I was a little embarrassed and asked her for my own, but Lyuba smiled and answered that she was pleased.
I don’t know, maybe so, but maybe she just didn’t want to tell the truth.
We tried differently.
And two with one, and one with two.
We had a lot of time and ours: men had no fatigue at all.
Yes, and we actively helped them to want.
Lyuba did everything so provocatively at all that sometimes I was uncomfortable for her.
My Sasha looked at her and kept telling me all the time that I should also be as if I had been holding back with him. Bongacams crystal.

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