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Sasha turned off the TV, it became dark.
He unbuttoned his sister’s blouse, slowly dug into her nipple.
She did not moan, only sighed touchingly, easily, easily.
– Marina.
I fucked Marina.
– he switched to the other nipple, at the same time unbuttoning her bra.
– Marina.
– Tanya hardly understood, she hadn’t caressed herself for so long that now an insurmountable desire was gnawing at her from inside, she wanted Sasha to caress her tongue, he never did it, but now, in this darkness.
– Oh my God! Sasha did not understand whether she was indignant, or whether she felt so good.
He coped with her bra, with a zipper on her pants, and hugged her, pressing his face against the hollow between her breasts.
He was unshaven for three days, his spiky chin slightly scratched her delicate skin.
She ran her fingers over his groin, and Sasha whispered hotly: “Tanya, please pull him out.”
You feel how he got up, how he wants more, jerk him off, I’m about to finish.
Tanya stood up, took his hand, pulling him along, and they both fell to the floor beside him.
She undressed in the dark completely and quickly undressed him.
Sasha enjoyed comparing his sister with Marina.
The first was clever and quick-witted in caresses, Marina was touching with her virginal purity, but he wanted both girls to be here, both to caress him now, and he just lay and enjoyed the sight of two sexy naked bodies flowing with the juices of love from his desire, men
Tanya jerked off his dick, holding her head with her finger while kissing him on the lips.
Sasha ran his hand into her hot vagina, thrusting his finger in there.
Tanya was not a virgin, she met once with his friend, and she slept with him for the first time, but they broke off the relationship, Sasha knew that a friend found her sister too

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insatiable, too hot, that did not fit with her usual cheerful simplicity, that he could not believe.

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But then Sasha felt that his sister was licking his cock with a warm tongue, and slightly suspended her.
He did not want to interrupt this bliss, Tanya gave him too much pleasure with her skillful blowjob to cut him off so quickly.
And then he heard her timid whisper: – Sashulya.
I beg you.
Kiss Me.
-There? Where exactly”? – he knew, he knew what she meant, but she never asked, she was always a little ashamed, but now it is so dark and she decided.
He was even more excited by the thought of how his sister would end now.
He put her back in the chair, put her legs on the arms, and knelt in front of her.
It was too dark, he could not clearly see even the outlines of her body, but by the smell and the warmth he realized that she strongly wanted, that she was dying.
He leaned toward her, parted his lips, and his tongue inconsistently began to study new spaces.
He walked them up and down, left and right across her pussy, even climbed shallowly into her vagina and again began to feel the almost wet delights of her sister with her tongue.
Finally, the study ended, and he groped for a bead, a knob that flinched in response to his touch.
He stopped for a moment, spread her legs even wider and pressed the entire surface of the tongue to the clitoris, led them around and kept moving his finger in her hole all the time, imitating sharp jolts of his penis.
Tanya began to finish; she raised herself to look at him, but saw nothing; and suddenly a wave of pleasure swept over her, her hands stretched upward, she finished and finished endlessly, bright circles rushed before her eyes, she screamed loudly.
Sasha could not stand it, grabbed his scarlet member with one hand, yanked it several times, sent it to her face and, taking a deep breath, poured it on her lips, cheeks, splashing her chest.
Tanya smeared her brother’s muddy sperm on her own and sighed softly from what she had just experienced.
He embraced her, and they sat for a long time without sound, feeling pleasant fatigue and exhaustion.
The next morning, Marina woke up to the singing of birds.
She slept well, felt wonderful.
I looked in the mirror, let down my hair, put on my eyes and thought that she was irresistible and that Sasha liked her.
After hesitating, she pulled out a short skirt and a tight T-shirt from the closet.
She had never worn short skirts before, but now she wanted to look sexy. Black ebony sex cam.

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