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He apologized to me beforehand for the pain he was supposed to inflict on me, and asked me to lie across the bed, with my legs dangling on the floor.
Surprised, I obeyed.
The husband planted two pillows under my waist so that my body hung over them, and stood on the floor between my legs.
Encouraging me with gentle words, he took me by the hips and slowly introduced his phallus into my quivering womb.
It’s not my own shame, I shrank all over, expecting something terrible, but nothing terrible happened.
When my husband touched the septum, restored by the skilled hands of a Parisian surgeon, I involuntarily started.
The husband immediately pressed forward a little.
Moving the phallus lightly every time he pushed him deeper and deeper, I almost didn’t feel pain, pushing the phallus to the very end, my husband pulled him out and didn’t touch me more that night, except for the fact that he helped me wash off the blood and change my shirt.
Only a week later he again possessed me and with him I learned the first lessons of love. Amatuer webcam sex videos.

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