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Slava meanwhile continued.
“You two assholes! You yourself can not spin a woman for sex! I spend the whole evening around her for a while! I’m hanging noodles on her ears! I untwist and now I have persuaded! And you climbed up on a ready-made one! and you “crap all the raspberries!”
Himself fucked her half the night.
I also wanted to throw a stick! And now.
And generally speaking!.
What are you, “aunt Claudia” otebali? She is the commercial director of the company.
Steeper probably only the Minister of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova fuck! They have their own security and safety service.
There are such, you know, “gorillas” in dark suits.
She doesn’t even have to sign the mentovka, just whisper to some people and these uncles will break our arms and legs at best (yes, we: I don’t have to jump off, they don’t need any evidence), but at worst.
It is better not to even think !.
For example they will bury us alive somewhere in the forest outside the city !.
“Andryukha was already barely alive with fear! Fuck yourself! Just like the king, you spud the most gorgeous

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woman and suddenly drove such a horror! And I remembered the stories about Cleopatra.
The man who fucked her at night was killed the next morning! But then men! And Olga Viktorovna herself said about us tonight that we are “essentially still children.”
Well, how can you kill children? For what?! ! We did not plan anything bad against her! She is the mother of Natasha, an excellent girl, with whom we have been friends since the first grade.
Just: it happened.
We always want to fuck.
Well, this age! And then drink.
Warm company.
Beautiful woman.
That’s what drinking with people does! Olga Viktorovna, a very solid, respectable business woman, she turned into a lustful female, and we are from boys from good families (and we are not gopniki and not scumbags, we study well, almost do not drink) into unscrupulous, cunning bastards! As my grandmother says: “Let the pig go to the table – it’s feet on the table.”

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Yes! We “hit”! We are in shit! – What to do now, Slavik ?.
– confusedly I mumbled.
– What to do.
What to do.
“Take off your pants and run!” What to do?! Traces to cover right now, we will.
But Natashkina’s mother was lying on a wide bed in complete blackout.
Slavs silently crept up to her and very carefully removed the gag from the mouth of a fucked naked woman.
She didn’t even move.
– In the cuts, – Slavik said efficiently, – Drunk “in the trash”, and yes even caught the buzz.
Pray to God that she did not remember what happened to her in the morning.
This is our only hope.
Because if you remember – we fucked up! Hey you, ebalo goat! – he turned to Andryukha – good to hose! Fly to the room! Air out there.
Bottles and glasses in the kitchen! Shake out an ashtray, our Haptsy in a bag empty.
With a pick up.
On the street, throw out.
When finished, collect her clothes in the room and drag me here.
And you take this towel, – he handed me a former gag – and pussy in the bathroom.
Wet it in warm water, press and drag it to me here.
In the toilet unwind more toilet paper and also here.
Come on, move the pistons! Andrei and I darted out of the bedroom.
There was a faint hope that we might be able to get out of this heinous situation into which we, by our foolishness, had fallen.
After “6 seconds” I was again in the bedroom.
With a wet towel in one hand and toilet paper in the other.
Slavs, meanwhile, had managed to push the woman’s lush buttocks wide apart.
Directly in front of us were two enticing holes that we took advantage of tonight.
The anus hole was broken and the sphincter did not fully close.
The whole crotch glistened and shined.
Creme for lubrication Andryukha not regretted.
From the vagina and from the point of oozing our sperm.
Tanned thighs were also slippery and wet.
Sperm slowly flowed down on them and did not have time to stain the carpet.
Slavka first wiped Natasha’s mother’s plump blow-back sponges from saliva and sperm with a wet towel, and then very carefully and even gently dabbed a wad of toilet paper with her moist holes and wiped the buttocks and crotch from the cream and sperm.
Then Andryukha, breathless, rushed into the bedroom.
I brought Olga Viktorovna’s blouse, skirt and bra from the room.
Shoes, pantyhose and panties lay on the floor, scattered throughout the bedroom.
“I don’t even know whether to wear it or not?” Said the Slavs thoughtfully, “yes, probably not.
All the same, dress somehow wrong.
It is only easy to undress a woman, but to dress.
Dress wrong – she will suspect that something is wrong.
“Andryukha and I stood as if in some kind of stupor and kept mum. African sex live video.

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