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You’ve been so kind and saved me from a disaster.
I want to do something, as you say – ‘for a fellow soul.
’ Okay, well I’m intrigued.
The girl giggled.
What’s your name by the way? she asked.
It’s Ted.
My friend’s call me Teddy. Dating in the dark abc cancelled.
Oh, that’s cute.
Well, Teddy.
I’m Candy.
Pleased to meet you.

Candy offered her hand and Ted took it gently.
Her hand was so soft, it made him shiver from head to toe.
He just knew that every inch of her young body would be the same and it gave him naughty thoughts as he left. Chat wap free with horny girls thailand.
Having not the faintest idea what his sexy neighbour had planned, the evening and the following morning were a combination of anticipation and unrequited passion.

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