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Nor could it ever be permitted that he be the recipient of the glorious act of sodomy that culminated every session of lovemaking.
This was only right and proper, although there was never a written law of conduct relating to homosexual acts in the British Imperial Army. Women fantasy porn pictures.
A colonel can bugger a corporal, but a corporal could never bugger a colonel.
Similarly, a lieutenant could bugger a sergeant but never a sergeant a lieutenant.
And for that matter, Corporal Knight could bugger his infantrymen, but they could never bugger him. Funny orienteering quotes.
And so too, today.
Corporal Knight assumed the position, Colonel Norman behind him, his huge member prised for action, swelling with lust and desire, and then straight into Corporal Knight’s patient anus, a hole designed for so much more than defecation, and pleasured by the prostrate gland, nature’s bounty not bequeathed on the weaker sex.

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And with pleasure there is always pain, as Colonel Norman knew well, but in this case, the pleasure was all his as he pounded away in the willing orifice, lubricated by the shared saliva of the two soldiers, and the pain was almost entirely the corporal’s, whose anus had to accommodate a much larger member than God had perhaps originally intended when he designed it to take as well as to give. Adult c2c chat free.
Sometimes, and this was one of those times, Colonel Norman wondered what it might be like to be on the receiving end of lust.
It was such a long time since he served with a more senior officer than he, possessed of similar appetites. Deyamedeya sexi chats.

He had near forgotten what reciprocal love was like.
His own anus had received only what he chose to insert of his making, and he was sure it had now lost the elasticity it once had when he was the darling of senior officers or indeed when he was at school and gladly allowed the prefects to take their turns on his recumbent arse. Dirty slut close up.
Although, ironically, it was not his arse, but his magnificent proof of manliness that had made him so popular.
Indeed, Colonel Norman was not so vain as to not recognize that his rapid ascent through the ranks to colonel in this quiet posting in the great subcontinent owed a great deal to the willingness he had shown in satisfying the carnal lust of his superiors and to the true splendour of his manhood. Absoluty dating site.
But as Colonel Norman was aware, as he pushed frantically into Corporal Knight’s arse, one hand gripping his subordinate’s penis, and his other holding himself up against falling over, he was the most senior officer in this posting and it was not likely he would again meet more senior officers until he was transferred to a more challenging posting.

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Out here in a province few, including him, could properly pronounce, and which could only be reached by several days’ very slow steam train ride and a day’s ride on a wagon, there was no one who could service his arse. Vackra tonaring sprida ben trosor.
And then both corporal and colonel ejaculated simultaneously, semen spurting from two penises, one, the corporal’s, free and able to arc high into the air and onto the wooden floor, whilst the colonel’s was released into the corporal’s arse, from whence it would soon bubble out and ooze down his legs. Styleanalfuck online usa sex video.

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