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The realization that Emma was most likely cumming at this very moment, writhing on the edge of the tub, in the room right above them, made Billy’s cock pulse uncontrollably.
“See that catch, Billy? Unbelievable!” his father exclaimed, giving a thumbs-up to his son. Fired event itemupdating which.
Billy returned a halfhearted smile, still thinking of what he could be witnessing if he were still upstairs.
“Are you alright, son?” “Yes, I’m fine,” Billy answered, though his tone seemed to leave his dad unconvinced. East coast park dating.
Thankfully, Jim turned his focus back to the game, and off his agitated son.

For a brief moment, Billy contemplated making up an excuse and going back upstairs.
But, as luck would have it, his chance had passed. Datingsitesadult net.
Emma descended the steps, clad in a white terry-cloth robe, which stopped mid-thigh.
Billy sneaked a peek at her long, silky smooth legs.
She sat down next to him, patting him on the knee, flashing a beautiful, wide smile. Nude wants.
He wondered what she wore under the robe.
A nightgown, bra and pantie set, or maybe nothing at all.
He became very aroused, covering his crotch with an over-sized pillow so she wouldn’t see the bulge.
The three of them got comfortable and watched the game.

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He found himself constantly glancing at her beautiful legs.
Billy’s cock throbbed even harder when he noticed that her robe had opened a little, revealing a good amount of tit flesh.
He stared at her incredible cleavage. Karlee grey cheating.
He knew she would catch him looking, but still, he couldn’t avert his gaze.
“Is everything okay, Billy?” his stepmom inquired, noting his lusty stare.

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