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And then long after anal intercourse was just a memory, there might be a trace of semen in the corporal’s shit, wisps of manhood’s fruit scattered in the chamber pot as he adjusted his night gown, perhaps before sharing his bed with one of his privates: perhaps even young Private Godley, who was indeed a Godly looking fellow and whose arse had often been the object of the colonel’s own pleasuring. Free streaming bbw milf.
After their energetic tryst, colonel and corporal lay collapsed on the colonel’s bed, the weave matting beneath the mattress being just stout enough to support two manly fellows and indulged in the small conversation that happened so rarely between soldiers and only made possible by the inexplicable emotion of unmanly tenderness that overtakes a fellow after he has released his seed.

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So, is it true, sir, that we are to have two colonels soon? Two colonels, Corporal Knight? Just what do you mean? Is this some devilish riddle with which you entrance me? Have you not heard then, sir? It is said that there will be another colonel serving here. Chat cam matured woman.
It’s because they intend to bring the railway nearer this town.
The Nabobs and the rest have been very eager on this.
And with more commerce, comes more need for authority.
And so, sir, there is need for more people in authority. Movies spank you tube.
No, I had not heard, corporal.
Is this not always the way that the news travels? First to those fellows who need to know the least before it reaches the one who most needs to know.
I’m sorry, sir.
I thought you already knew. Porn jess west.
You’re excused, corporal.

But I best investigate it myself.
There are many false rumours spread throughout the empire and the furthest from Her Majesty the Queen the more false and unfounded these rumours must be. 40somethingmag redhead freeones.
Colonel Norman wondered whether he didn’t actually welcome more companionship.
Another colonel would be fair company.
Too often, he felt forlorn by virtue of having no one of similar rank with which to share confidences. Farmers hot daughter and wife nude.
But on the other hand, he knew only too well that a bare minority of his fellows in the armed forces took a sympathetic position towards the mutual exercise of manly lust between men.
This was a sizeable minority, needless to say, but one that had to remain discreet, as there were others in the ranks who could ruin a man’s military future simply because his pursuit of manliness extended beyond duty to the Crown and the rigours of military engagement.

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His anxiety was heightened further by the simple reflection that in the military compound there was unlikely to be a bending of the rules that specified that officers of the rank of colonel or below should share a room with another of the same rank, unless the accommodation were not sufficiently substantial for two such officers to share. Seeking sensual massage partner.
And it was clear to Colonel Norman as he surveyed his bedroom, that there was plenty of spare space to accommodate another colonel.
When Colonel Nigel Nichols arrived, he was without doubt a fine specimen of a man and pleased indeed to discover such a handsome room to share with Colonel Norman. Lesbian sex literature.

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