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I was glad that Laura had taken the time to provide me with an explanation, I had never done anything like this in my life before.
Let’s face it how many guys my age had! Come on then guys…its DP time! she exclaimed. Free trail phone dating.
I pushed my cock in first, as it came out I could feel Jerry’s cock go in.
As I felt his retract, I pushed mine in.
This was easy, I thought.
I just needed to concentrate.
We did this for a while all the time causing Laura to sigh with pleasure. Emu park sex girls.
A little faster now, Tom, said Jerry.
I upped the pace of my thrusting and Jerry kept pace with me all the while.
I looked over Laura’s shoulder and took my instructions from Jerry, who nodded at me to up the pace a little more. Orgy at wedding.
Before too long both our cocks were pumping into Laura at a phenomenal but controlled rate.
She was grunting and screaming obscenities into the room.
Laura was cumming hard.
Jerry and I kept up the pace, but it was a telling experience on my cock. Olgamiss live ero webcam free.

The rubbing from her pussy and the rubbing from Jerry’s cock was having double the effect.
I was going to cum and cum hard as well.
Laura suddenly shouted that she was cumming.
It was associated with a hell of a lot of fucks and fuck me’s and then she started to shudder on top of me. Free mature adult dating.
She was physically shaking as her orgasm or was that two orgasms ripped through her at the same time.
I could take it no longer and had to break the rhythm.
I needed to spurt into this gorgeous cunt and I pumped my arse as hard as I could. Sharpe220888 freesex wabcam.
Laura was cumming on top of me, I heard Jerry grunting as he pumped her arse, but I had forgotten about the rhythm.
Fuck the rhythm, I thought.
I pumped into Laura’s cunt and cried out that I was cumming. Hottest nude milfs.
Jerry did the same a few seconds later than me.
Laura was still shuddering on top of us.
I had no idea what was happening to her or how many orgasms she had experienced.
I just kept fucking her until my spunk jetted from my cock into her cunt.

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Jerry’s spunk was flooding her arse seconds later as he too shouted he was cumming.
It took all of us a while to calm down after the fuck frenzy.
Jerry eventually pulled his cock from Laura’s arse and wiped it on a towel that just happened to be handy. Find a fuck mate hoofddorp.
Laura slipped from my cock and slid down to the side of me kissing me on the lips as she did so.
Fucking wonderful! was all she said.
I guess your rent is down to less than half now Tom, said Jerry laughing. Virgin webcam masturbation.
Only less than half? I questioned.
What do I have to do get it to zero? I asked.
Laura just smiled at me.
She never did answered that one.
That evening we stumbled up to bed exhausted.

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