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This wasn’t going quite as planned.
The women customers normally apologise to me for disturbing me, but this young lady was nowhere close to that.
Yes and I’m sorry, I thought I had dealt with it.
I didn’t admit I had fully intended to mess her account up so this very meeting would take place. Bbw naked in gym.
I don’t think so Phil.
In fact I think you did it on purpose, to embarrass me.
No really Zoe, it was a mistake I lied.
She sneered.
Or, did you decide I needed to be taught some kind of lesson? I don’t think so I said defiantly. Milf group cum.
I really didn’t like this young lady talking to me like this.
Who does she think she is after all? You know Phil.
I think you gave priority to the customers who give you presents she said, glaring at me. Jennifer grey nude.
Surely she didn’t know that.
At least I hope she didn’t because that would make things very difficult for me.
I might even lose my job.
That got you didn’t it Phil.
Well I can tell you I have checked and I know you have favourites amongst your Clients, and they are the ones you do things for.

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I looked aghast.
She did know.
Yes Phil, all those people, women, who give you presents and you give them extra credit.
Well if she knew that then I was in deep trouble.
I wondered if she had proof, and as though she was reading my mind she said I have proof Phil, and I have posted it to your home so when you get back tonight it will be there, although don’t worry, I have only sent copies and have kept the originals of everything. Journal articles on teen dating violence.
I tried to remember if my wife was at home today, but I supposed I needn’t worry too much as she never opens my post.
Again Zoe was reading my mind and said I reckoned you aren’t the type to let your wife open your post, unlike here at the office when I rather think your secretary does open it. Homemade vaginal douche.
She was right of course.
I could not risk Zoe sending post to my office.
All of a sudden she became aggressive again and said I heard you called me secretary trash.

Is that right Phil? She can’t have found that out surely. Disable dating pliny west virginia.
I only said it as a joke although now I think of it I did say it in the general office after Miss Montana had phoned in there to complain when I didn’t call her back myself.
No Zoe, that’s not true I tried. Ass fucking threesome.
I heard it from a good source Phil.
You were telling someone about me and that I didn’t matter because I was just secretary trash.
That’s right isn’t it Phil.
Honestly Zoe I didn’t.
She gave me a look which I realized meant she knew I was lying. Alex coal femdom.
I didn’t know how she got all this information about me, but it was all correct.
This didn’t bode well for me I thought.

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