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That stinging feeling intensified as spank after spank landed on alternate bottom cheeks.
Emma and Kate kept on spanking the teachers for several minutes.
They were both revelling in the authority they had over the two teachers. Camzap trolet.
The two teachers were starting to think they may have misjudged just how erotic spanking was now that their bottoms were starting to sting quite so intensely.
Equally, they knew that they had agreed not to get up and that if they did they would be caned. Monster hunter girls sexy.
That certainly kept them in place.
Emma and Kate looked at each other, nodded, and started to land spanks on the same bottom cheek time and again.
They landed maybe a dozen spanks on one bottom cheek before landing another dozen spanks on the other bottom cheek. O porno scenes.
They repeated that several times realising that both Miss Roberts and Miss East were starting to gasp in a way that suggested they were close to crying.
Miss Roberts and Miss East both knew that tears were welling up in their eyes as the spanks continued.

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However, they were also both starting to feel that the spanking was perhaps rather more erotic than they had originally thought.
The stinging pain was countered by continuous flutters flying around deep inside their vaginas. Japan xxx amateur.
They had both discussed being spanked before today had started and had goaded each other into wanting to try it out.
Friends of theirs enjoyed being spanked and they had often discussed it over a glass of wine. Interracial adoption canada.
Both teachers knew this would be an ideal opportunity to try it out.
Equally, they both reckoned that Emma and Kate were aroused by being spanked and would be likely candidates to give them a spanking.
They were going to be leaving the school within a few days and so there didn’t seem to be any harm particularly as they were actually on holiday, in effect. Sex escort in port sudan.
They weren’t thinking about any of this though at that particular time.

They were thinking more about how the stinging was intensifying, their eyes were filling with tears, but that they were getting more and more aroused. Vlad20017272 sexchet com.
Emma and Kate were thoroughly enjoying giving their teachers such a hard spanking.
They could see how their bottoms were now bright red and they even spanked the sit spot between the bottom cheeks and the tops of their legs. Android vore.
They savoured the louder gasps that the teachers made when those spanks were landing.
Miss East and Miss Roberts cried out as the spanks continued.
The spanking was much harder than they had expected but they were still nicely aroused. Amatuer interracial video sites.
They reckoned that making out afterwards would be something quite special.

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