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The redhead looked back over her shoulder as Kayla went to work on the buttons of her blouse.
Mary responded with the hardest spank yet, drawing a shriek from the redhead.
Close your eyes, little lamb.
You may look when I tell you, Mary ordered. Asian ultimate surrender.
Her voice quavering, Penny responded, Y-yes Mistress Mary.
Kayla could already tell that her panties were growing damp, so she quickly undressed under Mary’s sultry gaze.
The brunette licked her lips and moaned once Kayla was nude. Captainalexx gay usa live camsex.
On a whim, she lifted her leg and placed her foot on the arm of the couch.
Mary was quick to accept the invitation and dip her fingers into Kayla’s pussy.
So wet, darling, the older woman said.
She then brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean with a moan. Swinging bridge fish house.
A nod toward the opposite end of the couch prompted Kayla to sit down there.
She bent one knee, resting it against the back of the couch, and let the other drape over the side, parting her legs wide, only inches away from Penny’s face.

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Keep your eyes closed, little lamb, Mary instructed, and then pushed on the back of Penny’s head.
She guided the redhead until Penny’s nose hovered mere centimeters above Kayla’s pussy.
Kayla reached out and ran her fingers through Penny’s long, red curls. Fuck buddies orangeburg ohio.
Your mouth is watering, isn’t it, my little lamb? Mary asked.
Yes, Mistress Mary.
Mary teased, You want to see her, don’t you? Yes, Mistress Mary.
When the thought popped into her head, Kayla asked, You want to taste me, don’t you, little lamb? Technique wiping anus. Penny whimpered and said, Yes, Mistress Kayla.
Mary smiled and nodded in approval at Kayla joining in.
She then said, You may look, my little lamb.
Penny’s eyes opened, and she slipped back so she could see more than Kayla’s pussy in extreme close-up. Sexy_poston sexlivechat usaan.
The redhead’s eyes came alight and she smiled as she beheld Kayla in all her glory for the first time.

Penny’s eyes widened a moment later when Mary’s hand slapped against her butt.
Up on your hands and knees, little lamb, Mary instructed. Adult dick halloween costume.
When Penny rose to obey, Mary slipped off the couch.
Penny then assumed the position, still drinking in the sight of Kayla.
Feeling deliciously naughty, Kayla began to squeeze her breasts and trace the parting of her nether lips with her other finger. Bigdickblack coock trany porn tube.
Penny whimpered and bit her lip in response.
Mary discarded her top, revealing a black bra that was designed more to attract attention than the functional – but still pretty – bras the older woman usually wore. Vagina ejaculation video.
She suggested, I know how good yours feel, but wouldn’t you like to feel Penny’s? On the verge of doing so anyway, Kayla released her breast, and cupped one of the redhead’s dangling globes.

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