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I felt the size of her nipple in my mouth as I stroked it with my tongue and nibbled it gently, my dick began to rise, filling with blood.
As I worked on Jess’s breasts squeezing the other one softly and pinching her nipple, soft moans escaped her mouth before she said “Oh Mark please fuck me, I need your cock inside me!” I wasted no time. Mature delight nudes.
I put my right arm around the bottom of her back around her hips and got my left arm under her butt and picked her up.
Her hand reached down.
She grasped my hard dick and helped me in aiming it towards her awaiting hole. Anal__goddess x x x sixy.
As I felt the tip of my penis touch the outside of her vaginal opening Jess let her hand go.
Loosening my grip on her slightly, I let Jess slide down a litle letting gravity do it’s work making her body slide onto my cock.

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When my cock was fully embedded in my housemates cunt I marvelled at how awesome it felt as her soft vaginal lips stretched around my thickness.
Her warm pink hole was heaven for my penis.
I pushed her body softly against the shower wall and began fucking her brains out instantly. Natalia22 www karallaa sexy video com.
Jess couldn’t control herself, moaning loudly “Oh shit, oh fuck Mark, this feels so good! Ohhh yes, yes!” Her legs went from dangling at the sides to wrapped around me, sqeezing me tightly, forcing my body into hers. Dating the enemy dvdrip torrent.
I thrashd my hips backwards and forwards quickly, with every thrust fowards my cock would fill Jess’s cunt and her butt would slap against the tiled shower wall I was fucking her against.
Due to us both climaxing not long before, we were able to fuck for ages there in the shower against the shower wall as Jess’s butt slapped time after time against the wall.

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Luckily Jess was pretty light, not weighting much so i was able to keep her lifted easily as I pounded my cock inside her stretched pink pussy hole.
After what seemed like being in a neverending heaven, our bodies seemed to cunvulse in unison as Jess moaned even louder as my cock sent huge orgasmic shivers through her body as she hung helpless in the air with my tool deep inside her as it shot semen deep into her pussy, filling her up. Hot black girls.
Her body was still in a state on convulsing pleasure as her orgasm continued to rage through her body “oh my God Mark, ohh, ohh.
ohhhhh shit!” Finally Jess’s powerful orgasm ended and I lfted her small frame from my massive memeber as spunk dripped from her pussy which had just been fucked like never before.

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Some of the semen which oozed from her cunt dropped back onto my penis.
The shower washed it straight away.
We washed each others bodies which I found quite erotic before exiting the shower and then had a lazy day watching DVD’s. Nude girl cams.
Apparently the girls are coming again next week but me and Jess and now more than just housemates so there will be no more shenanigans – apart from between me and her! I was riding the street car back home on a cold and rainy day, in the fall. Avg froze while updating.
I had been at work late, and felt very tired.
I wanted to go home, fix some microwave food and go to sleep.
Those were my thoughts as a voice caught my ear: “Eric?” I couldn’t place it at first, and looked around to see something quite surprise: Heather, a girl I had known since junior high. Vancouver bc swinger ads.

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