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I don’t mind the fare, I.
” “No, like I said, my treat.
” He paused.
“Think of it as an early Christmas present.
” “Oh.
” Her throat tightened.
“That would be nice.
” “It would.
Look, Emma, I’m having a good time today and I’m trying to stretch it out. Blow job mouth fuck blowjob.
Christmas is.
not an easy time of year for me in a lot of ways.
” “Me, neither,” she admitted.
“I’m pretty alone.
” “Well, then.
” He squeezed her hand.
“Let’s go take that ride and neither of us will have to be alone for a while longer.
” Author’s note: I highly suggest reading Part 1 first, however this story should more or less stand on its own. Free shemale cumshot video.
The story is based on a chat-based roleplay between v-card and myself.
The basic outline of the scenario was mine, but the actions and words of Nikki are by v-card and are used by permission.
I have tried, as much as possible to present a consistent story without deviation from the actions presented in the chat. Hot drunk prom girls.
In some cases, however, I have elaborated on the chat to provide a richer narrative without (I hope) sacrificing the intent of both players.

I don’t know how long I had been unconscious, but I don’t think it was long. Sex chat free in portballintrae.
We are still on the bus and I remain stretched over Nikki’s lap, my ass still stinging from the hard swats she had given it before I passed out.
The last thing I remember was coming in a nearly continuous wave as the humiliation of being spanked and forced to play with myself in public had burned indelible paths through my body, straight from my brain to my cunt. Bagirasex sexvido chat.
Despite that, I awoke unprepared for what was about to come next… Hello, you insatiable little slut, Nikki says as my eyes blink open.
Did you have a nice nap? I… um… yes mistress.
I reply in a hesitant, trembling voice. Male cock sucking photos.
Lovely, you’re going to need all the energy you can get tonight.
As my awareness of my body slowly returns, I realized that Nikki’s fingers are slowly rubbing me between my ass cheeks.

Her fingers feel slick as they glide over my rosebud. Cock going in.
Then suddenly there is a touch of cold metal against my ass.
Wha… what are you doing? You’ll see soon enough, my pretty little whore.
Nikki presses hard and something forces its way inside my ass.
I make a short squeal of surprise. Ole4kahot sex chat online indian women.
After a brief pain I find that whatever Nikki slid in there produces a strange, but not entirely unpleasant, full feeling in my ass.
I’ve never had anything up my ass before and the thought of it happening here, in front of so many people makes me blush again. Jenifer benitez bikini.
So would you like to know what I’ve put inside you, slut? Y…y…yes, Mistress.
I bite my lip slightly as I cast a quick glance at our audience, a mix of late-evening passengers with once-weary eyes that are now riveted on us. Women wants couples.

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