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It felt like salvation at that moment.
The phone call was from the hospital.
They had operated my father and everything had gone well.
He was now in the recovery room, but he was expected to wake up soon. Chubby bear jerking off.
I could visit him then.
After the phone call, I told the news to Alexina.
She changed and came with me to see my father.
We acted as though nothing strange had happened between us.
While I was driving to the hospital, we only talked about my old man. Bridgette b no words necessary.
Of course, he was the main issue of that day, but I also felt that she wanted to focus on him for not needing to talk about our kiss.
————————————————————————————————– My father recuperated quite quickly, considering his age. Cam fucking.
But he is not relevant in this story and there’s not much more to tell about him.
The kiss that happened between me and Alexina was swept under the carpet.
We didn’t talk about it and we kept acting as if nothing had ever happened.

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From outside it would have looked like it wasn’t bothering us at all, but I’m sure we both kept thinking about it.
At least I did.
SMALL CONFESSIONS Many months later we were spending an evening alone at home. Bdsm 30905 clubs.
My wife Elise was at some seminar in another town and was probably going to stay in a hotel.
It was a Friday evening and I was relaxing on the sofa with a glass of whiskey.
Soon I got company.
“Mind if I join you?” Alexina asked in a soft voice, and smiled. Trap goth.
She looked especially good tonight.
She was wearing an elegant black dress with black opaque tights and high heels.
She was also wearing a bit stronger makeup than usual.
She looked like she was ready for a party, but I was sure she was not going anywhere.
“Sure, go ahead,” I said, and made some space for her on the sofa. Sex finder sarasota.
She was holding a glass of red wine in her hand.
I don’t know if she had taken the wine from the kitchen or if it was some of her own.

In either case, it was fine and she knew it.
It was true that she was not yet of legal age to drink alcohol, but I was not so naive that I’d be thinking that she didn’t drink in the past. Itc mag spank.
Most of the teens did.
She sat down next to me and took a sip of her wine.
There was something very adult-like in her tonight.
For a moment we only smiled at each other warmly, before starting any conversation.
“Do you like that Elise is maybe not coming home tonight?” she asked. Total encasement enclosure constriction bondage pics.
She didn’t like to call her ‘mom’.
I was called dad, and her mother was Elise.
Go figure.
“You want me to be honest?” I chuckled.
“Don’t worry.
I feel the same, that’s why I asked,” she said, “it’s just always good to be alone with you.
” She was sitting on her knees, facing me.
“Yeah, we have better ambience when it’s only two of us, don’t you think?” She nodded, looking as she was pondering something.
“It’s not going very well between you two, right?” she asked.
“Right,” I admitted.
“I think it’s more her fault than yours,” she said, and played with her hair.
“No, such things are not really anybody’s fault I think,” I said, “it’s hard to make any relationship work.
” “But I know she can be such a bitch sometimes,” she said. Cyber sex.

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