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When he found the old lamp buried in the sand of the local beach one morning as he was working it with his metal detector, he put it in his backpack without giving it a second thought.
Later that afternoon he dumped his backpack out to look at what he’d found and the lamp tumbled out at his feet. Melani22 my cam women.
It looked like something out of an old Arabian Nights fable and had seen better days, but he thought that it would make a good conversation piece once it was all cleaned up.
He took it over to the sink to wash it off before he started polishing it. Gay fisting and first time.
After he’d washed the sand off he wrapped it up in a rag and took it over to the couch to dry it off.
Mark had only rubbed it two or three times before the lamp started to vibrate in his hands, startling him so that he dropped the lamp at his feet. Krasavchik230 usa porn girls skype id.
It jiggled and bounced on the floor as it vibrated harder, and then a plume of light blue smoke shot out of the end, filling the room with a cloud that smelled of jasmine.

Mark coughed once or twice, waving his hand in front of his face to clear the smoke away. Cote de pablo x porn pics.
It took several moments for the smoke to clear, and when it did his jaw dropped at what he saw.
Standing before him with her hands on her hips was an honest-to-God genie, and what a genie it was! The genie was a woman, she had a spectacular body – narrow waist, flat stomach, shapely legs, firm ass and, of course, those spectacularly huge and gravity-defying tits! Interracial marriage and black woman. They were round and firm, standing out proudly from her chest.
She was wearing the same type of genie outfit that you always see female genies wearing – a short pink velvet vest, a thin light pink middie top which stopped right under her breasts and did very little to conceal them, and the veil-like pantaloons that you could see right through, also light pink. Big optima climax xxx.
The outfit was finished off by a little round genie hat and little genie shoes that ended in curled points.

She was standing with her feet apart, hands on her hips, her huge round breasts barely contained by the flimsy material of her outfit. Hot black girls getting fucked gifs.
Mark could see the perpetually erect nipples poking through the material of her top.
She was smiling as she looked down at him, sitting on his couch with his mouth hanging open So what will it be, Master? Interracial gangbang with allie james. she asked, still standing in front of him.
What will what be? he asked in return.
The genie gave him a puzzled look as she replied.
Mark shook his head, still in shock and not believing that he was actually talking to a real, live genie. Web cams apartment sex.
I am Jeanine, a genie or some might call me a djinn from old times.

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