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Those eyes mirror a variety of emotions, from pity to disgust… but in nearly all of them is a powerful lust that sends shivers down my spine and fresh heat into my pussy.
Regardless of how they seem to feel about me, no one seems able to look away. Creampie jessa rhodes.
Finally, it’s me that turns away, unable to bear the thought of them watching my abject debasement.
I think it’s best if I give you a demonstration.
Nikki pulls out a little remote control as she speaks. Chocolate nipples.
Remember that I told you not to stain my skirt, and yet you came all over it like the dirty fucking slut you are? Disobeying me has consequences, and it’s time you faced them.
I tense, unsure what is coming, but knowing that it will not be pleasant. Old pussy to fuck old bar nc.
Nikki flicks the switch to the half-way position on the remote.
Ow! I jerk, crying out as a sharp electric shock causes my ass to contract around the invader.
It hurts, but at the same time it adds fuel to the burning fire in my pussy.

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That will happen every time you disobey me, understand? Y… yes, Mistress! I barely manage to get out through gritted teeth.
Nikki flicks the remote to off again.
Good, now that little demonstration was only half-power. Medway sex club. Sex life solution.
If you disobey me again, or resist me in any way, you get the full setting and I don’t think you’ll like that at all.
She pats me on the head like I’m a dog.
It’s degrading and yet I find myself leaning into it, eager for her touch. Asshole balls.
The realization makes me blush even more.
Now my lovely little whore, Nikki coos as she hands me a very tight, very revealing latex thong and bra.
put these on, we are going clubbing.
I begin to realize that Nikki must have had this planned for a long time, it’s not as if most people, or perhaps any people, just happen to have latex underwear or remote control electric sex toys in their pockets, ready for any eventuality. Lesbianas pussy.
But how could Nikki have known about my secret desire to be embarrassed?

How could she have guessed that I might confess that little detail and unwittingly give her power over me? I nod, even as I realize that I’ll have to strip naked right here on the bus to put them on. Dating russian male female.
I’ve been almost completely exposed to these people for some time, yet I feel very vulnerable and embarrassed as I strip off my wet and now see-though blouse and bra, and pull down the short skirt that has been bunch up at my waist. Rockabilly dating.
With them seems to go any shred of respect I still have.
Hurry up, you fucking slut, we don’t have all day! Nikki barks, slapping her hand against my still tender ass and making me jump.
Afraid that she might use the remote again I quickly pull on the bright red thong and bra. Gros vagin.

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