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Your first warm gush bursts onto my chest and you immediately adjust so my face is getting your treat.
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The bottle of wine you left me earlier, has provided us with a vintage nectar.
I am still pissing all around your cunt and you grab hold of my cock, aiming my flood exactly where you feel it most.

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When I am finally empty, you continue to pull and manipulate my cock, this time I am really starting to get hard, rock hard, to shove right into you.
As you position us to fuck, you have one more surprise for me. Marylynne monroe nake.
As I think I am about to enter you, you ensure just the tip of my cock parts your pussy lips, and you release what this time is the last of your bladder.
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The produce from our bodies lays all around us, all over us.
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I am careful to keep your corset dry, I still have plans for that later.

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All the while you are slowly raising and lowering your cunt on my cock.
I know for the fourth time this afternoon I am about to shoot my spunk again, and tell you so.
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When you succeed in drawing my load, you are able to bend your body and take it full in your mouth.
You swallow in time with my spurts, but I notice some trickling down your chin.

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