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Speak up!” he said, sarcastically.
“Yes, Sir!” I said clearly and hurriedly took off my jeans and g-string, standing totally naked in front of my son.
I felt like a piece of meat on display as he got me to turn around slowly, inspecting my body.
“Mmmm… Do you know how long I’ve wanted to see you naked like this, mother?” his voice sounding full of desire and primal lust.
“No son,” I replied cautiously.
“Too damn long!” he continued “and now I’m going to do everything to you that I’ve ever masturbated over and everything that’s in that book and anything else I can possibly think of! Hilaryxsteven footfetish chat.

I am going to use you just like you describe in that journal and I am going to make you my slut and my submissive.
I am Master and you will obey me!” I could see the bulge in his jeans twitch as he spoke to me like this. Kink club bdsm.
My mind was racing.
I knew all the things that were in my journal by heart as it had been the source of my masturbation for many years.
“David, you can’t do all those things to me… I-I’m your mother,” I pleaded with him once again. Cock play in puffy nipples.
He looked at me as if he was thinking things over for a moment.
I thought maybe he was going to change his mind as his expression softened somewhat.

But I should have realized I was not getting away that easy. Kiss_melong sex live chat pakistan.
He may not have had much “fatherly influence,” but David was his father’s son! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, in this case, to be sure – and now he had my journal as an instruction manual to me! “Answer me this mother,” he said calmly “do you love me?” “Yes, of course, I do son,” I replied quickly, “you know I do.
” “And do I remind you of my father?” he asked.
“Yes son, you are like him in so many ways,” I answered, wondering where he was going with all these questions as I stood naked in front of him.
“More ways than you know pet,” he stated. Grynia-ru porno obrazky na android.