I thence considered myself not bi-curious or bi-sexual, but biquadratic, well onto my way to the fourth sex.
Previous to Jesus, I had found myself always in waiting to drama queens but never was I knighted and had been cuddled for cash by a guy when I was living on the streets; the twenty bucks he’d handed me did nothing for my memory of him; the first being that he had skin the hue of a pomegranate and the second, a retired Teddy bear with a tightly thrummed hide. Free mature babe facial movies.
My lasting vestige of interest rested on the idea that he may have been a Plushy who had drunkenly mistaken me for my yellow-scarf namesake and was overwhelmed by the opportunity to see Rupert bare.
After our night, Jesus called me from Sydney and then, from New York where he was busy making the spare room nice for His Holiness Penis Ricochet and His eight monks who were having an enchanting stay in Jesus’s loft, he sent me a photograph of himself naked on the toilet with the camera’s flash beaming out from between his thighs.

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A year later, I sent him some poems and he sent a letter back telling me to keep sending him stuff and that he particularly liked poems containing sexually explicit lyrics I wound up in the bedrooms of a few men after that but never re-experienced the same invigorative scene. Chat cam to cam.
One man I remember just holding my cock and leaving expletives all over its size, another chap had me awake with him arousing my well hung-over member with a blow-job that materialised in my dim vision like a Swiss Cuckoo attempting to peck at a wooden worm, and one guy made the mistake of introducing me to Rush on a first date – we fooled a little but the young good looking Aboriginal chap spent the better half of the morning comforting me going slightly batty on a cocktail of rather conflicting under-doses.

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The taped recording of my final conversation before leaving Jesus’s room was sabotaged by James Metro, spliced beyond repair, whether out of jealousy or under the instruction of Jesus who upon after-thought regarded the taped correspondence as potentially intrusive to his public career, I do not know. Dating scammers blacklist.

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