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It was a strip of cloth that he could use to blindfold himself.
Then he sat back in his seat and closed the door.
Once I saw he was blindfolded, I quietly approached the car and circled around it to the passenger side. Nude pa teen sexy grandma dating sites.
One thing about married guys with kids is that they don’t drive little sports cars and Harold was no exception.
He and his wife made good money and it showed.
This was a big Mercury Grand Marquis, so I knew that I was going to have plenty of room for a proper blowjob, even with me being over six feet tall, compared to his five foot six, one hundred and thirty five pounds. Rules for jehovah witnesses dating.
He’d have had room in the back of an old VW Bug.
Looking in, I saw his cock was hard as Harold rubbed his hands up and down his thighs.
Probably in an effort to not touch his cock as much as in anticipation.

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When I pulled the door handle to open the door, I startled Harold and he jerked upright.
Then he slowly, but stiffly, lay back towards the corner formed by the seat and door.
He drew a sharp intake of breath when I laid my hand on his leg as I got into a kneeling position on the floor. Jolene blalock boob.
Once there, I ran my hand up Harold’s leg to his cock.
I suppressed a chuckle because it was quite obvious that he’d given me his cock’s measurements in ‘internet inches.
’ The seven inch and thick cock he’d bragged about was maybe. Plenty more dating.
five inches and that was being generous and only of average thickness.
The head of his cock was a bit mushroom-shaped, but not overly so.
He was holding his breath, anticipating my mouth on his cock.

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That wasn’t happening.
Not yet anyway.
He hadn’t done what I said he had to do to get my mouth on his cock.
Having never told him that the reason I wouldn’t meet him was that I knew him and my voice would be a dead giveaway, I gave a small cough and squeezed his cock, as a cue. Mature bbw webcam.
My instructions must have suddenly come flooding back to him because he said, Oh! Yeah.
Suck my cock.
With those words I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, sucking the head and lightly licking as his slit. Submissive gloryhole.

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