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Her jaw hung open in awe as she read on.
She must have said ‘Oh my God’ to herself twenty times as she read.
It was right on the money, accurate as hell, she thought.
But how did he do it? Old friends, lovers, good and bad. Penis getting errect.
Quotes from her high school yearbook.
Her senior prom.
Things she’d had published.
The tattoo on her ass.
And things she’d tried to forget, among them her wet t-shirt adventure, her affair with Henry and her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Nodating com.
She was softly crying as she finished reading it, angry and miffed and flattered and impressed all at the same time.

She felt violated somehow, like Milo had driven a microscope into her soul.
She read it again and realized she was sweating. Seeking men syzes.
She read no more papers that night.
—- In class the next week Teresa gave Milo a stern look and a shake of her head when she handed his paper back to him.
He felt a brief chill before he opened the folder. Large dick smile pussy sex.
There was a big A written at the top of page one.
Just below it, her comments read: Well-written and accurate (too accurate!).
But you could have found a better subject.
Teresa hardly looked his way throughout the whole period as the class read through and discussed several of the students’ papers.

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His was not chosen for review.
Milo stared at her crotch and played with himself for fifty minutes.
His dick was half-turgid at the end of class.
He hoped she didn’t notice when he stopped to speak to her on his way out of the classroom. Doggy webcam.
You’re not mad at me, are you? he asked timidly.
Teresa’s lips coiled into a smile.

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