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Julie knew she needed to masturbate, to get rid of the sexual tension that had built up inside her during the day.
She also knew that it needed to be a quality masturbation session, rather that a quick fumble inside her pants. Meryblondy vidio seks.
Julie stripped off and headed for the shower.
As she walked along the landing naked, she could her laughter coming from the living room down stairs and knew that her mum and Alan were enjoying their alone time. Pregnant amateurs nude.
Julie entered the bathroom, turned on the shower and waited for the water to get to the right temperature.
While she waited, Julie looked at herself in the mirror.
She studied her breasts first, noticing how erect her nipple were and then her eyes drifted down to her pussy. Female teen nude anatomy.
Her labia were swollen.

They protruded from between her legs and glistening with her juices, that had been flowing for most of the day.
Julie stepped into the shower cubicle and rubbed soap all over her body concentrating on making sure she got between her buttocks and thighs. Lesbian bridal gowns.
She was very careful to avoid touching her clitoris, as she didn’t want to cum just yet.
She stepped out of the shower, dried, wrapped the towel around herself and headed for her bedroom.
Just as she was passing along the landing Alan stepped out of her mother’s bedroom, in just his boxers. Rossaline sex16 girls.
They both looked at each other, smiled awkwardly and headed off to their respective destinations.
Julie closed her bedroom door behind her and removed her towel.
She took a bottle of body lotion from her dressing table, poured some into her hand and began to apply it to her body.

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She started with her belly, then worked up to her breasts.
She lingered on her breasts for a minute or two, before moving down to her legs.
She sat on the bed and put some lotion on the top of her thighs and then began rubbing it in, going from her upper leg to her lower leg and then back again. Dating married online people.
As she rubbed lotion into the top of her thigh she brushed against her pussy, noticing how wet she was.
Julie had planned, in her mind, a lengthy masturbation session so she didn’t bother with her pyjamas, as they would have to be removed very soon, so she got into bed naked. Its a real nigga birthday.
She turned of the light, plunging the room into darkness.
Julie knew however, that to heighten her senses she needed to close her eyes and relax.
Once in her own little world, her touch and hearing were at their most acute.

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As she lay there Julie could hear her mum and Alan having sex next door.
She could recognise the noises her mother made when she had an orgasm, as she had heard her masturbating several times in the past. Free naked girls jerking off.
At this point Julie realised that her mother would have heard her as well! Julie blocked out the gentle moaning sounds that were coming from the bedroom next door, to concentrate on what she needed to do to herself. Sandra lee dating bloomberg.
She started masturbating by fondling her breasts and pulling gently on her nipples.
She then moved her right hand onto her belly, while still leaving her left had to massage her breasts.
Her belly felt soft and sensitive to her touch. Eggyolk dating site.
Eventually she stroked down passing over her belly button and touching the top of her pubic mound.

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