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She’d always enjoyed porn and reading books about sex, but no one had ever rocked her world like Clay.
While Shelby wouldn’t say it out loud, she considered her husband as a sexual god.
After Shelby stopped crying, she began to do some self-examination. New hampshire dating sites.
If Clay could put her into a sexual frenzy just by walking into the room, why wouldn’t he have the same effect on other women? Clay was a man.
He was a handsome and sexy man.
Why wouldn’t some other woman offer herself to him? Milf venus in hotel room videos. Then she was faced with the fact she didn’t want to live without him.
It was then Shelby began to call Clay.
She ran the battery down on her cell phone calling his number.
But, Clay had refused to answer. Fat step daughter.
Shelby became desperate thinking her husband satisfying some other woman because of her housewife type tantrum.

Each time she would call, Shelby would mutter, Please, baby.
Answer the phone.
Please! It was Wednesday afternoon before Clay answered one of her calls. Nexus dating.
I’m sorry, baby.
I’m so sorry.
Please come home and forgive me, Shelby blurted out.
After several seconds of silence, he responded, Are you really sorry? I am so sorry, she whined.
I’ve been thinking about it since you left and I know I was selfish. Japanese girl for sex freiburg im breisgau.
If you were with another woman, it was because I wasn’t giving you what you needed.
I was just selfish, baby, and I want to be what you want.
Do you mean that? he asked.
I do.
Yes, I do, Shelby insisted.
You are my world, Clay and I’ll do or be anything you want. Xxx movie bedazzled.
I need you here with me.

I just don’t want to think about being without you.
What do you think I want? I don’t know, she answered with tears running down her cheeks.
But I can be what you want.
Do you want to bring a woman home with you? New dating rules. If you want three in our bed, I will do that for you.
What if I wanted to bring a man home? he asked in a soft, chilling voice.
Shelby was confused.
What was he asking? What did he mean by asking about bringing a man home? Marttina free naked webcams no signups. Do you mean to bring a man home to join us in sex… or a man to have sex with you? Clay laughed.
I’m not planning on having sex with a man.
Why would I do such a thing when I’m married to the sexiest woman in the world? Get laid sexy women praia grande. Shelby suddenly felt better.
He had just called her the sexiest woman in the world, but she still didn’t understand his meaning.
You still think I’m sexy?

You are the best, Shel.
The very best, he told her. Crazy girl on beach slut load.
Then why do you want to bring a man home? she wondered aloud.
Because I want to watch you fuck another man.
The idea of her husband watching while she had sex with another man was both titillating and horrifying at the same time. Ebony chubby image.
A picture flashed through her mind of being pounded from behind while her husband sat in a chair watching.
If that’s what you want, baby, she whispered into the phone, That’s what I’ll do for you.
You are my love and my life. Cassie cage porn.
I’ll do anything to make you happy.
I’ll be home around 6:00, he told her.
I want you wearing that loose fitting dress I like, but no lingerie.
When I get home, we’ll discuss what’s going to happen.
Their conversation had taken place three hours ago, and now Shelby sat in the chair wearing the loose fitting dress he liked so much. 4arlydickens girls sexe vido.

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