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Yep, strawberries with… cum.
Hmm, just between us girls, this didn’t turn out like I expected.
I think I used too much cream, er, cum.
You like, drowned these poor berries.
What I get for making you save up for, what was it? Smae woman multiple sex. A week? Ten days? Oh well, Mistress did her best.
The good news is, you’re the one who has to eat this, not me.
Oh, you don’t think so? Really? You’re funny.
I could let you eat it now and get it over with, but we had our chat about mercy, didn’t we? Bra girdle pantyhose porn. Thought so.
Now, are you still taking care of Mistress’s very special strawberry? You didn’t bite it, did you? No? After that cum eruption? What a good slave you are.
A good slave, indeed.
And you have such a magnificent ass, round and firm. Fortnite fable.
Just want to sink my teeth into it.

Oh! Wait! I almost forgot.
Did Mistress mention there was a nice lady at the farmers’ market selling the thickest, juiciest cucumbers imaginable? She didn’t? Well… “You have a G spot too, you know”, Sally mentioned as we lay cuddling after a lazy afternoon fuck. Teila tequilla stripper friends.
I had my eyes closed, laying on my back, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss of a leaden body, and the soft touch of my lovers body molded with mine, our legs entwined, her fingers languidly tracing patterns on my chest as she lay on her side next to me.
“Hmmmmmm?”, I responded, her words not really sinking in.
“You have a G spot, or, more correctly, a P spot. Videos free pussy videos teen.
in your bum.
I’ve been reading about it and it sounds interesting”, she continued.
I opened my eyes to see her eyes twinkling mischievously as she smiled at me.

Her smile always melted away any negative thoughts I had, and I instinctively knew we would be discovering my P spot together, eventually. Redhot lauren fucked.
Over the next few days, I surfed the internet for P spot information, and was becoming quite curious.
In the almost 2 years since our affair began, nothing that Sally and I had done together had ever been disappointing. When do teens mature.
We still had an incredible intensity every time we managed to be together, and I thought there was nothing new for a couple to do sexually, but once again I was to discover a new sensation thanks to my adventurous lover. Ass teen filippine.
I decided that I would have to go this one alone, the main reason for this being my one and only previous experience at having an object inserted into my bottom.
I’m not talking about the tip of a tongue, or even Sally’s slender finger partially inserted during a blow job now and then, both of which I find very enjoyable.

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I’m talking about a Doctor’s examination many years previous, which left me with no desire whatsoever to insert anything anally, ever again! I never did see the instrument that the Doctor used to examine me that day. Dating chat community.
Suffice to say that it was not pleasant.
Nor was it lubricated.
And he had to insert it twice to complete his task.
To me, it felt like a baseball bat.
Anyway, even though I trusted Sally completely, I just had to do this myself if I was to discover this new experience comfortably. Carol cox taking a boys virginity.
I visited our favorite adult shop the next weekend, looking for a suitable aid in my quest to discover my P spot.

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