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That last one really stung my bottom.
I had to count all of the swats out loud.
At the end of my paddling she said, “Stand up, don’t pull up your shorts, and walk over to the corner with your hands on top of your head. Raven very naked hot.
You will now get five minutes of corner time.
” As I stood in the corner, I felt her hands rub my bottom.
“Your ass has turned a nice even red color.
It will probably feel warm for a few days.
When you were in school, were you ever caned?” “Only once, Miss Smith. 1darina indian sex chat without registered.
When I was sent to the principal’s office for writing graffiti on the wall of the classroom.
” “Since I just got a new cane, I want to try it out on you.
This time I want you to bend over my teacher’s chair and hold on to the seat of the chair. Sensualpussy1 sex videoes no paiment.

Please assume that position.
” I remembered that the cane really stung my ass, so I wasn’t looking forward to be caned.
But I assumed the position and bent over the chair.
Next I felt her fingernails in the waistband of my shorts, and this time she took them completely off of me.
“Please spread your legs for me.
” I felt very embarrassed because I was well aware that this made my penis and balls hang down completely exposed, between my legs. Amateur swingers tororume.
So I didn’t spread my legs apart very far.
“You can do better than that.
Spread your legs even further.
” I felt the tap of the cane on my tender inner thighs as I spread my legs far apart.
“You will get six strokes of the cane. Adult cam faq redirect secretfriends web.
Please count them out loud, and say ‘Thank you, Miss Smith’ after each stroke.

Do you understand, Clyde.
” “Yes, Miss Smith!” I replied.
I think I was in sixth grade when I received a caning, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Horny piss cunt.
I felt a tap on my already sore ass, heard a whistle, then WHACK! It felt like a straight line of fire went across my ass cheeks.
It jolted my whole body.
“What do you say?” Miss Smith asked.
Thank you, Miss Smith.
” I didn’t remember the cane hurting this much. Sex in bainbridge ga. Swinging..
WHACK! “Two, Thank you, Miss Smith.
” “You are taking your caning very well.
” Miss Smith said.
Then she tapped my penis and balls with the tip of the cane.

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