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Suddenly, and with the agility of a cat, he pushed me face first up against the wall.
All those days and nights of weights in the living room were showing their effectiveness now as he held me firmly against the wall with my arms bent behind my back using his strong arms.
“Says who slut!” he yelled at me.
“David, let me go!” I yelled back, trying to sound tough but it wasn’t working.
“No! Melody magic butthole surfers. From now on you will do as I say slut! I am sick of waiting for you to come to me.
Sick and tired of throwing hint after hint and having you ignore me.
It’s time to be a little less subtle.

So take off your clothes. Sekschat gratis nederland.
Now!” he demanded.
I started to cry, he was actually scaring me with this sudden inexplicable change in his personality.
“Please David… I can’t… I’m your mother, son… it’s not right… let me go, baby, please!” But he ignored my plea and pulled off my top and bra roughly, causing my big tits to spring out, happy to be free. Mom makes son lick.
He reached around me and grabbed them with both hands, squeezing them hard.
It felt really good, but at the same time, I was terrified.
“Ohhhh fuck yesss! They feel even better than I thought they would! Brutal blowjob high quality.

Mmmm, I’ve been dreaming about these babies for so long and now finally they are all mine,” he said, groping me.
I tried to push him away again, but he just spun me around to face him and pushed me back harder against the wall. I just wanna lick and play with some pussy.
Just as I was about to beg him to let me go again, he leaned down and started to suck on my right nipple.
“Please, baby,” I pleaded “please… let me… ohhh, fuck!” I moaned as he started to pull on my left nipple while he sucked hard on my right. Legs777 amrca bbw.

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