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I am pinching and stroking your nipples and I know it is taking all your will power not to give into the orgasm that threatens to overtake you.
Your pussy is pulsing slowly, your ass as well, wetness leaking out, S’s face is shiny with your juice as she continues to lick and suck and probe. Pornstar vibrator.
I whisper in your ear, “Tell her to make you come.
” You look up at me and kiss me deeply.
You look down at S and whisper hoarsely, “Make me come, make me come in your mouth you dirty little slut.
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S moves her mouth to your clit and begins to suck strongly, I know this will finish you quickly and I am rewarded with the deep moans that always accompany your orgasm.

You moans are intermixed with your pleading gasps, “Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop!” I can see your belly contracting and know your pussy and ass are spasming uncontrollably. Gwen cartoon.
S continues to suck as your orgasm continues.
Finally you finally pull her head away.
Her face is covered with your juices and she has a huge smile on her face.
You slide into the water and kiss her deeply, you kiss her face and taste yourself on her mouth. Hot ass older women.
Your hands go to her breasts and nipples as you tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy she is, and what a good little slut she is.
“Your turn!” you say.
You remove her bottoms as you let her suck on your tongue as if it was a small penis. Hanna wy adult personals.

She slowly stands up in the hot tub.
I am sitting back in the water now, watching as you take control of her.
As she stands you push her forward over the edge of the tub, something I know you enjoy, whether it is the edge of a bed, or a couch, or the hood of a car. Krystal steal clit.
You have had many orgasms as I fucked you deeply from behind while you look over your shoulder, watching my cock disappearing in your pussy.
You spread her ass cheeks apart and explore her with your tongue and mouth. Mens facial hair growth treatment.
I can tell S is not used to having her ass stimulated but she is soon moaning in pleasure.
You lick and probe her tight hole with your tongue.
Eventually you tell her to turn over and she complies.
I lay several towels on the deck so S is able to lie back with her butt right on the edge of the water. Bigbubblebut6 free sex cams no login.
S is less shy and quickly has her knees up and her pussy positioned for you.

I still have not touched S and am happy to watch you play with her, she is your toy and yours to control.
I sit beside you as you start slowly to lick her pussy, I can smell her and long to taste her. I wanna fuck overland park.
I reach under your body and play softly with your heavy breasts and nipples, I do not want to distract you but I am intensely aroused.
You work on her pussy, giving attention to all areas equally.
Sucking on her clit, then lightly tonguing it. Married and wants chat rooms.
Moving your tongue down to her dripping hole, down to her ass and back again.
She has put a towel under her head and is watching you intently.
You look at her and tell her again how sexy she is.
I hear you use the words I have used on you so many time, “Do not come until I tell you.
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