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If she wanted revenge she was going to have a perfect opportunity to do so now.
I also knew that Judy would be happy to egg Amy on to embarrass me like I had embarrassed her.
Amy and Judy had a celebratory drink then Amy went home but not before she took one last shot at me. Angel bikini ruffle top.
I sure hope you get a chance to serve Jim and I drinks sometime next week just like Amy did tonight.
Amy said, What a good idea.
Let’s plan on that.
Amy and Judy said goodbye to each other and I began to start worrying just what Amy might have in store for me. Lely12 live xxx video sex.
I am sure she had some ideas but she wasn’t willing to tell me any of them just yet.
She simply said it had been a long night and suggested we get some sleep.
She also said we both had some prep work to do tomorrow to get ready for my week of servitude which started in two days.

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Before I could fall asleep I had to ask what she was expecting of me when my week of service started.
Pretty much everything you had me do, Amy replied before rolling over and drifting off to sleep with a sly smile on her face. Latex girls.
Amy was up early the next day.
As we were sharing a morning pot of coffee she flitted about the kitchen.
She told me she was working on my list.
I knew she meant she was preparing a list of expectations as I had created for her. Gangbang assholes lick dick and fuck.
She finished her coffee and said she had some errands to do and a uniform to buy.
I didn’t inquire any further as to what the uniform might look like.
At least she wasn’t making me wear her outfit.
I don’t think it would have fit.

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We are close in size but Amy is definitely smaller than me.
As she was leaving she said, When you get in the shower use my shower gel and then make sure you shave off all of that ugly body hair.
Excuse me? Chubby nudes in stockings. Well, I guess you can wait a day until your servitude actually starts but I am asking you nicely to do it now.
To do what? I want you to shave your entire body smooth.
This should have been my first clue that I would be wearing the same sort of outfit I had Amy wear during her service time. Tiny boobs porn.
I knew by the tone of Amy’s voice she was serious and I also figured I had better comply or things might get worse for me.
So after she left I showered and shaved off all my body hair.
I am not a very hairy person but there was a noticeable difference in how my clothes felt on my skin with my hair gone. 100 polish dating uk.

I found it felt quite nice, almost erotic.
I went about the rest of the morning doing some writing and trying not to wonder what Amy had planned for me but it was hard to focus on anything with those thoughts creeping into my consciousness. Helen mirren nude new york magazine.
Amy came home toting some bags and boxes in her arms.
I asked if she needed help and she said she had everything under control and that I would see tomorrow most of the items she had bought.
After she got her bags put away Amy handed me her list of expectations for the upcoming seven days. Bomis pornstar webrings.
At the top of the list above my actual chores, she had written that I was expected to be in uniform and full makeup from the time I got up until I went to bed.
I inquired, Full makeup? Oh, yes.
You will have help with that the first day but it is your job thereafter. Tickle belly torture.

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