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yes, I said.
He was going faster now, sliding that big cock in and out, going a little deeper each time.
Finally, he bottomed out, and I felt his pubes against the skin around my hole.
It was then Adam started really fucking me, the way I had fucked Jenny sometimes when we were both absolutely in the moment, not roughly but with a kind of crazed intensity. Horney house buyukalan.
His cock moved in and out of me like a piston, in long steady strokes that ended with a slapping sound as he bottomed out each time.
I could feel tingling in my own cock.
I desperately wanted to touch myself, but with my hands bound I could only wait, utterly helpless, for what he might do to bring me off.

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No sooner had that thought passed through my mind than he pulled out, with a wet popping sound, and shifted on the bed.
Next thing I felt was his mouth on my cock.
He took it in with one swallow, and I felt his nose against my pubic bone. Carrera911 free sex chat with strangers nude online.
In just seconds I was ready to explode.
He backed off again, rolled my legs back and to the sides, propped himself up on his arms and slid that enormous cock back into my hole.
Three long rapid strokes and with a deep growl he finally came.

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He ground himself into me, pumping so much cum that I could feel its warmth in my ass.
That pushed me over the edge.
I practically sobbed as the first pulse of my orgasm sent cum flying over my stomach and chest. Fat horny mixed rae bitches.
He pulled out halfway and came back in, and I felt another wad of cum shoot out of my cock.
Again out and back, again a wad of cum from me.
Four, five more long slow strokes, and Adam collapsed on top of me. Sex in verner ontario.

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