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I gently roused Peter and led him through to the bed.
There we cozied up together and fell into a deep blissful sleep.
I awakened around mid-day to find that Peter was already in the kitchen preparing a high energy meal. Fun straight men fucking xxx gay teamwork.
I stroked Peter’s chest and kissed him.
My, my, it looks like you’ve got more mischief in mind.
You’re so sexy, I can’t get enough of you.
It was a good thing that the kitchen was hidden by hedges because Peter and I would’ve given passers-by a real eyeful while we were there. Ladylisa1 online chat no video sex chat.
He was in his undies, and I was wearing only a pair of bloomers; after all, why waste time getting dressed when it’s not going to stay on for long.

After our meal, we wandered through to the lounge and began making out on the sofa. Bumpermontana naked cam to cam chat.
Given the previous days’ exertions, I was surprised how quickly we got hot and bothered.
For me, Peter’s most erotic move was when he slid his hand inside my bloomers and let his fingers do their scintillating magic on my lady garden, just as he did on our first time together. Single mature in notre.
I reciprocated by slipping my hand inside his undies and clasping his dick.

It twitched and pulsed with joy while I gently worked the shaft.
I’m ashamed to say that by then my fud was begging to be taken. Veterans of owingsville and salt lick.
So, it was a relief when Peter withdrew his hand and pulled off my moistened knickers.
Peter’s beast sprung out as I pulled down his undies.
I couldn’t resist the chance to kiss its tip as I worked Peter’s drawers down to his ankles and off. Uk top sex dating sites.
At that, Peter’s cock trembled eagerly.
My twat was ready to receive, and Peter’s willy was ready to deliver.

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