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I felt so fulfilled and satisfied as if I had been starving all my life.
I closed my eyes trying to relive each orgasm and how many did I have.
At times they seemed to blend together but there were at least three very distinct and powerful ones. Dating sites in the united kingdom.
I guess at least five, maybe six; all I knew was I wanted more.
He got up and went out of the room for a bit.
I couldn’t move even had I wanted to.
When I managed to lift my head I saw the clock.
I was stunned at how long we had been in bed, almost three hours, I had lost track of time. Chat relatii sex gratis.
He returned with a bottle of cold water and handed it to me.
The water quenched my deep thirst and tasted so good.
He sat on the bed next to me and with a loving touch caressed my face, pulling me closer, and kissed me.

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My arms reached out and drew him closer.
I could feel his cock touching my side and felt that the hardness had gone.
I must have sighed as he took my hand and guided it to his cock.
I expected it to be wet and sticky but it was very soft as I had first discovered him the other night. Cam2camsex.
As I touched him, to my delight, his cock moved in my hands and became erect again.
I was not ready to stop and wanted it back inside.
He pulled away from me and sat in between my legs.
His hands slid under my ass and lifted my cunt up to his face. 100 percent free cam sites.
His tongue licked all around the area between my lips and legs.
He then licked my clit with the tip of his tongue.
As he licked he sucked it into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue sending goosebumps up and down my body.

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What he did next gave me my next orgasm.
His tongue found the opening to my cunt and with a hard thrust, he pushed his tongue deep inside and buried his face deep in my pussy.
I could feel every wiggle of his tongue each time he pushed it in and pulled it out. Massage cubs for sex 71360.
I also felt the air from his nostrils on my clit as he continued to eat me and savor all the juices that were inside me.
He was persistent and his tongue was driving me nuts and felt so much different than his cock inside me. How is strip throat spread.
There were areas just inside of my pussy that I noticed were very sensitive when his cock pushed by them but it seems his tongue was the right length and focused on these areas.
Every time his tongue touched those I would shudder and arch my back. One on one live cam sex online free.
I guess he knew how to read my body and played with this area until that wave came over me.

This orgasm was much mellower and when it took control of my body it rushed from my body and almost felt as if I had peed the bed. Mamba ru dating site.
I learned I had just had my first orgasm where I squirted.
I become flush all over and the thought of what happened started to make me embarrassed until I felt him buried deeper into my cunt and didn’t stop until it was over. Bdsm testical torture.
He lowered me back down onto the bed and moved toward my face.
I leaned up quickly, grabbed his head and kissed him.
I tasted myself.
When I was younger I had masturbated before with my fingers and then licked them with my tongue but the taste of my cum all over his face almost put me into a frenzy and I aggressively kissed as we exchanged tongues until I could taste myself no more. Men wanking voyeur.

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