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From the bag, she pulled a red silk blindfold.
“A blindfold? Why do I have to wear a blindfold, Kimmie?” asked Courtney.
“Because I have a surprise for you and I don’t want you to see it,” said Leelee, putting the blindfold over Courtney’s eyes.
“And because I told you to, and if you don’t, you don’t get to play anymore.
” Courtney simply said “Okay, Mommy,” and let my daughter tie the blindfold.
“Now get on your knees, you naughty little girl,” said Leelee.
“Show me that tight little ass.
” Courtney did as instructed, her ripe, round little ass in the air.
“Mmmm, what a delicious little ass you have,” Leelee breathed, then leaned in and bit Courtney’s left ass cheek. Lucy shows tits trailer park boys.
Courtney whimpered but stayed put as Leelee continued to nibble and bite her ass, then brought one hand down on it with a SMACK.

Courtney moaned.
Leelee kept nibbling and spanking Courtney’s ass until Courtney was trembling and whimpering “Please, please, Mommy, please make your little girl cum, please Mommy I need it so bad!!” “You’ve been a good little bad girl,” said Leelee in a low voice, “so Mommy will give you a treat. Speed dating in edmonton.
Don’t move.
” She got up and came over to the closet.
My eyes widened as I realized what my daughter had in mind.
She opened the closet door silently, putting a finger to her lips to indicate that she wanted me to be silent. Tran pornstar.
I nodded, then grinned as her eyes dropped to my throbbing hard cock and filled with hunger.
Her gaze came back up to meet mine and she stepped in for a quick, hard kiss, then whispered softly in my ear “I can wait until later.
” She took my hand and brought me to the edge of the bed, where Courtney’s ass was in the air, her body quivering with desire.

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My daughter had skillfully brought the girl to the very edge of need, until I was sure the faintest breeze across her pussy would send her into orgasm.
Leelee said into Courtney’s ear “Here’s your surprise, baby girl.
” I smiled when she used the term I so often called her when we had sex.
“Keep your blindfold on like a good girl and you’ll get exactly what you want.
” She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock, then guided me into Courtney’s blazing hot pussy. Ionlydream my chat cam.
Courtney gasped out loud as my dick penetrated her little hole, sliding in easily, my cock instantly filling up her tiny little twat.
“What? Who-?” She went to remove the blindfold but again, Leelee pinned her hands to the bed.
“I said keep it on, Courtney,” she growled.
“Now be a good little slut and enjoy getting fucked.
” She looked up at me with a huge grin and nodded.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: god I love my daughter.
Courtney’s pussy was hot as hell and dripping wet, and watching what had gone on to this point had stoked my own lust until I was just as horny as she was. Mistryone live sex jasmin.
I wasted no time, starting right away with hard, deep strokes, fucking Courtney’s eager little cunt hard, my thighs pounding against her firm, round ass.
Courtney immediately howled and shook, cumming instantly. Online deaf dating gay site.
Leelee kept her hands pinned down so all she could do was writhe and buck back against me, which she did – hard.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck me, FUCK ME MYSTERY COCK!” she hollered.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD FUCK ME!” I continued screwing Courtney’s hot teenaged cunt, then motioned to Leelee to shift her position. Girl getting changed nude.

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