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While I licked you, he wet a finger, slowly working it over your backside.
It became too much for your overheated body to bare, as he slipped the moist finger into your tight, round muscle.
Your body twitched and bucked, held up by only my head, the hand, and the probing finger in your ass. Pornstar yellow masturbate penis orgy.
The wetness of your orgasm covered my face.
This made my swelling shaft all the more rigid.
He pushed you, face down, onto the bed beside me.
I rubbed my face over your nose, taking my time to let you smell your own body’s aroma before pressing my lips to yours. Really horny guy.
Your legs fell off the side of the bed.
It was his turn to taste you; two probing tongues, two sets of lips.
I moved from your mouth, kissing my way down the curve of your back.
Your mound was pressing into the edge of the bed. Estonia webcam girl.
Your hips were moving in time to the head between your legs.
My hands caressed the smooth cheeks of your ass while my tongue gently lapped at the small of your back.

I peeled the cheeks back exposing your rosebud to the cool air. Free sexy cams no signup no registration.
I could see his head and tongue moving below me.
I lightly blew over the little opening before riming it with my wet tongue.
We had you bucking again.
My naked flesh was the only thing holding your quivering body to the sheets. Accuracy in carbon dating.
The smell of your orgasm filled the air around us like some invisible aphrodisiac.
I slid off the bed and stood beside him.
We watched the rise and fall of your ass on the bed.
Your hands opened and closed on the covers. Online dating creatives.
The climax still controlled your body.
I reached between your legs, cupping your wet sex in my hand.
Taking a handful of your body’s moisture, I used it to coat my shaft.
He placed his hand on the small of your back, then I pressed the swollen rod into your tight crevice. Bisexual full nude free videos bisexual.
I began my beautiful movement inside you.
The bed creaked and moaned with each violentl thrust.

After a more few thrusts I suddenly pulled out.
To your surprise, he took my place.
You were moaning loud now. Nice ass slave slut with latex mask gets fucked hard.
We kept at you, taking turns, teasing you with our throbbing shafts.
You no longer realized who was inside you.
At just about at the moment of orgasm, one of us would pull out, making you wait for the next cock to fill you. Toyota tranny t case mixing.
Soon, you were pleading with us to let you cum.
You were pulled farther up onto the bed and placed on your back.
One pillow was placed under your head and another stuffed under your hips.
He moved up, flipped a leg over you, straddling your belly. Gif porn moving images.
The length of his hot flesh, slapped down between your heaving breasts.
You could feel it laying there, moist and sticky from your own body’s lubrication.

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