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Can you pop into my office for a minute?” She asked in a professional tone.
He coughed, clearing his throat, his mind instantly turning to the illicit thoughts of her from last night.
Here she was, right in front of him, her perfumed aura filling his lungs as he breathed in and her rich, luscious voice melting the remainder of his senses.
“Ahem. Clip indian slut xxx.
That’s fine.
” He said, blurting out the words in the clumsiest manner possible.
Natasha turned and walked back to her office, with Dave in tow.
She sat down on the front of her desk and crossed her legs, her skirt riding up her thighs slightly. Guys shower dick.
Dave entered and closed the door then, as gestured to by Natasha, sat in the sole chair in front of her.
“You’re Dave Wilmsman, right?” She asked.
“Yes, that’s correct” he said.
“I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself to the team on an individual basis”, she continued.
“I’d like to go over some basic rules and find out a bit more about you and what it is you do here etc.

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It’s something that I always.
” Dave’s mind wandered as she continued.
He couldn’t concentrate.
Here he was, seated in front of one of the most gorgeous women he’d ever laid eyes on, as if he were watching a prelude to a porno scene. Brittany jackson.
Dave had noticed that, at the underside of her crossed thighs, he could just about glimpse the smooth, white texture of her skin, beyond the tops of her stockings.
He felt his cock grow stiff.
“Women in stockings don’t exist in real life”, he thought to himself.
“They are items of fantasy in the stories I read and the porn I download – yet this woman is really wearing them.
” “Dave – are you listening to me?” She said, sounding justifiably annoyed.
“Sorry, Mrs Miles”, he replied, “I am a little tired.
” Natasha knew this was bullshit.

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She had seen where his gaze lay and shook her head briefly at him, as if he were a child.
Dave blushed, obviously knowing he’d been caught looking and dropped his head in shame.
“Thanks Dave”, she said, “That’ll be all. I want to show my body on cam for free no registration.
I’ll see you in the weekly meeting.
And it’s MISS Miles, if you don’t mind” She raised her hand as if to gesture to Dave he should leave and he did so promptly.
“What a dirty little prick” she thought.
“I bet he’s going to be tossing himself off whilst thinking of me tonight”, she mused ironically. Bffs hot big ass bffs lick and bounce asses.
Some weeks passed and Dave’s face became just one of many to her in the office.

One day, he happened to glance over to her office window, as he usually did to get his morning fix, and noticed her bending over her desk to pick up a pen she’d just dropped. Part time pornstar.
Her black skirt moved up her thighs, revealing the thick black band at the top of her stockinged leg.
One strap of her white suspender belt was just visible, and led teasingly upward.
Dave’s eyes were locked open. Guess her boob size.
No amount of porn he could download was remotely as exiting as this.
Natasha stayed in this pose for what seemed like a minute, yet was probably only a few seconds.
Finally, she bent further, over-stretching to get the pen she had dropped and her skirt rode higher, the fabric now tight around her arse, revealing the line of the suspender strap underneath which curved over her firm buttocks. Porno webcams.

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