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Swirling my tongue around the head in my mouth, breathing deeply.
His back arched slightly as his cock entered my mouth, his breath deep and slow.
Placing one hand on his thigh and the other above his cock on his stomach, rubbing the hair there very softly as I took his cock inch by inch into my mouth, brushing my tongue over the head and flicking it teasingly. Clitoris photographs close.
He continued to breathe deeply, but with more urgency, interrupted by deep moans of my name.
I smiled whilst his cock is half into my mouth and looking up at him I decided to shock him and I hold the base of his cock firmly and thrust the rest of it into my mouth, forcing it down into my throat. Solo submissive training.
Taking a deep breath I wrapped my tongue around the shaft, rubbing the head against the inside of my throat, moaning for him – wanting him to feel the vibrations of my moan on his cock.
I continued to suck his cock, sliding my tongue around the shaft, sliding it in and out of my mouth, teasing the head with the tip of my tongue, each time it left my mouth taking the opportunity to moan of my own pleasure.

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Gripping the shaft I felt the pressure building, knowing he was close, I did everything I could to make him cum.
He placed his hand firmly on my shoulder, running his fingertips to the back of my neck he moaned my name, telling me he was cumming for me. Savage_nympho free live amature cam.
The head of his cock throbbed aggressively in my mouth as he spurted his cum between my lips.
Landing on my tongue it slid down into my throat, and I swallowed his cum whilst I continued to thrust my mouth down and off his cock. Jessyally video chat sex chat rooms.
Once he had finished he looked down at me and whilst I softly kissed the head of his cock he moaned, soft and deep, for me.
I softly stroked the shaft of his cock with the palm of my hand as I stood, him running his hands up the side of my thighs, kissing my stomach softly – telling me how amazing that was.

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He asks me to move to the bedroom with him, and because we were both then dry we didn’t need the towels so left them in the bathroom.
He walked behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, stroking my stomach softly. Peeking down bikini.
He guided me to the bed and pulling back the covers we slid inside it together.
Pulling me into his arms we lay side my side, facing each other, kissing my lips softly, I asked the dreaded question ‘Was I worth the wait?’ He smiled and tightened his hold around my waist, stroking my lower back softly and replied ‘You are more amazing than I ever imagined’. Free milf facials video clips.
And for the first time he softly looked into my eyes and said ‘I love you’.
Pardon me, I said, Is this seat taken?