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Juliana and I went to my dad’s home at 2:30 pm on Sunday, so we could get the decorations for the party setup, stock the bar, and to be there when the various restaurants delivered our food.
We asked our guests to be there at 3:30 pm so we could all get settled in for the game and to watch the pregame activities. Sex chatmaybe more.
Juliana started drinking as soon as I made my first batch of margaritas, and I knew that she planned on getting drunk as fast as she could.
She calls my father Dad, and it looked like she was trying to tease him with her sexy body.

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Dad was still there since he wasn’t going over to the neighbor’s home until 3:30 pm, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off Juliana.
When our first guests showed up and Dad was leaving to go next door, he took me aside, and looking very nervous and uncomfortable said, Look, Son, I don’t want to interfere in your business, but you might want to convince Juliana to put a little more clothes on. Sex4lovers free sax video calling chet.
I mean damn, Jared, she looks slutty in that outfit, like she’s trying to flaunt her, uh, uh, amazing, voluptuous body.
With all the drinking that you guys will be doing, you never know what might happen. Jennifer love hewitt dating book.
I mean, I’m older and she’s my daughter-in-law, but I can’t deny that her rather prominent assets are a turn on for me.

I thought it was kind of kinky the way Juliana was affecting my father, and the fact that he admitted it. Angieangel malayalam webcam video.
And it seemed that she liked to tease him by getting close to him and asking him questions, like, ‘How do you like my outfit, Dad?’ He seemed reluctant to warn me, since he didn’t want to embarrass me, and he also didn’t want to look like a dirty old man. Cum in fat butt tube.
I knew that I couldn’t change her mind, so I said, Thanks for the warning, Dad.
I tried to talk her out of it last night.
She’s just very determined to make some kind of point about the Panthers, and I’ll just have to keep an eye on things. Cum swallowing trannie galleries.

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