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And why is that? Christy asked as she took another sip of her beer.
To have such a hot looking wife to come home to every night.
Oh please! Christy said with a slight laugh and shake of her head.
Still she couldn’t stop herself from again running a hand through her hair. Myamazingass skype webcams sex.
That’s for sure, Tommy added eagerly, Man if I had a wife as hot looking as you I would be home as soon as I could.
Well thank you, Christy said hoping her face wasn’t too red with embarrassment.
Yeah it must be great to have such a hot looking woman to spend time with after work, Mike said with a slow nod. Milf suck queens.
Christy noticed how his eyes were locked on her; it both made her shift nervously and yet sit a little straighter too.
He grunted softly and shook his head and then asked, Do you dress this hot for him when he’s here?

Are you in need of a handy man. Sometimes.
Christy answered.
She was startled by his question and also by how quickly she responded, she really didn’t even think about her answer.
You must have a real smoking body, he said shaking his head and getting an acknowledging grunt from Tommy. Teen masturbate sex porn fuck.
Mike gestured at her saying, I mean it’s obvious you have a hot body ’cause that dress sure doesn’t hide the fact.
Th…thank you.
Christy stammered.
This conversation was definite getting loose and maybe she should end it before it went too far. Female exploding orgasm.
In fact I’d kinda like to get a look at your hot figure, Mike said in a definite tone.
Christy’s eyes widened as she stared at him not sure she had actually heard what he had said.
He pointed at a point a short distance in front of where they were sitting and told her, Why not stand right here and let us have a good look at you.

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Christy sensed from his tone, while not really threatening, there was an unmistakable implication that he was completely serious.
She stared at them, her mind a blank for a long moment and then he nodded and again gestured at the spot he had pointed to, but with a little more firmness then before. Godivas american cams.
Instinctively, she knew that she had no choice that she had best do as he directed.
Shakily she rose, her knees felt incredibly weak and walked over to where he had directed.
She shuddered bodily as she did, noting how their eyes were glued to her dress and her legs as she walked towards them. Naked shower photo.
Very nice, Mike said admiringly.
He made a circular motion with his finger and told her, Turn around.

On very wobbly legs she slowly turned around in front of them.
While it wasn’t the first time she had been eyed by men, it had never been this blatant; they were almost treating her like she was a piece of meat or a new car they were checking out. Hot country boy at rock springs general.
Her heart was pounding when she turned back towards them, standing there quietly as they continued to run their eyes up and down her figure.
real nice, he said slowly.
He then made a quick little motion with his hand as he told her, Okay now take off your dress. Sex chat rooms just text.
Christy didn’t know why she did, but without even thinking she began following their directions.
She leaned forward from the waist as she reached up behind herself to undo the small slide clasp and then began to slide down the zipper on the back of her dress. Prostate job.

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