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This made me very aware that I was naked from the waist down, bent over a chair with my legs apart.
Also, I was allowing my neighbor to see me this way and cane me.
I instantly became aroused, and my erection came back. Want him.
WHACK! “Three, Thank you, Miss Smith.
” Now I was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure.
WHACK! “Four, Thank you, Miss Smith.
” Now it felt like I had four parallel straight-line burns on my ass.
“You’re doing very well. Dating books reviews a joeuser article.
Only two strokes left.
She tapped my dangling balls and penis, then Tap.
WHACK! “Five, Thank you, Miss Smith.
” “This will be the last stroke.
Be sure and stay in position and do not rub your ass until I tell you to.
” Although the cane stung my bottom, I still had an erection. Latina babe sucks dick.

The heat from my spanking and caning kept me sexually excited.
WHACK! “Six, Thank you, Miss Smith.
” I held my bent over position as Miss Smith reached into the teacher’s desk and pulled out a jar of cold cream. Extreme bondage strip.
As she applied it to my hot and sore bottom, it felt very good.
Her hands also reached between my legs and stroked my erect penis and balls.
“Stay bent over, but put your hands behind your back.
” I did so and she reached into a drawer and this time pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Sexlive cams honduras.
Although, my hands were in back of me, I was still unable to rub my bottom.
“Now stand up and face me with your legs apart.
” With my hands handcuffed behind me, this made my erection stand out in front of me.
“Let’s take care of this.
” She said as she stroked my erect penis.

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She reached into a drawer again, and this time pulled out a condom.
She placed it on me and stroked me until my cum shot into the condom.
I actually felt wonderful, even though I had just been spanked and caned.
“Turn around, so that I can undo the cuffs. Fat girl pissing tube.
Then you can rub your bottom an clean up.
” Miss Smith said.
She took off the cuffs, and showed me the bathroom that was down the hall.
It had a full-length mirror and I could see six parallel red lines from the cane on my very red bottom. Free fuck fort coalinga.
I washed up, and went to the schoolroom where I changed back to my regular clothes.
“Let me show you two other fantasy rooms that are down here.
” Sue said.

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