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We were both screaming with pleasure.
We were soon licking each other’s pussies and Puja instructed me how to please a girl by sucking her clit.
I had soon mastered the technique and started sucking her clit and play my tongue over her hard erect clit in circles. Amateur science projects search on for amateur science ideas.
She screamed and did the same to my pussy and clit.
I made her cum almost volcanically as she too made me cum many a times.
She asked me to swallow her cum and share the taste of her cum by kissing her at lips and tongue. Busty mature anal.
She did the same to me.
I tasted her salty cum with pleasure and kissed her to share as she swallowed mine and let me taste my own cum.

It was such a pleasure to taste my own cum at her mouth and tongue. Photos sexi nangi girls photos.
The house was with us, the two naked girls playing sex CD and replaying it many a times till my pussy lips were swollen and sore so bad that even touching them would make me scream and cum.
Puja too was not much different. Sophie moon.
We both were exhausted and hungry too.
I rushed home to eat (being a Muslim, my mother would not allow me to eat at a Hindu home).
After the meals and some rest, I thought I should revisit Puja’s home.

It was almost 5 pm in the evening when I arrived at her home. Vintage nude beach teen.
I knocked and Manesh (Puja’s elder brother) responded.
He told me Puja was not at home but if I wanted I could wait for her in her room.
I had never stayed at Puja’s place in her absence but the sex urges made me shed all inhibitions. Dating bureau.
I went to Puja’s room and started playing the video.
Perhaps in my overzealousness I did not lock the door.
I soon saw Manesh at the door.

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