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His hands cupped her face and he kissed her gently.
Her hand was still on his cock.
This was hers now.
And her pussy was his.
They were joined.
This was the beginning.
The start of their honeymoon in the tropics. Mature amature swingers and sub male.
And their marriage to each other.
And to their continuing service.
They were soldiers, of course.
But for now they were simply lovers.
They were duty-bound.
His POV It was a beautiful Summer day and I had decided to spend it working at my hunting land, cutting some trees that bent across the trails during an ice storm in the Winter. Bdsm objectification human furniture.

I was hiking down a trail through lush green Wisconsin woodland, listening to the songbirds and mentally apologizing to them for the ruckus I would soon be making.
I had a chainsaw in hand and a hardhat on my head. Muscle woman xxx.
But first, I had a different call of nature to answer to.
I set the saw and hardhat down and stepped off the trail near my deepest pond to take a leak, never expecting that one of my oldest fantasies would come true that day. Bruce girls that are naked.
Her POV Where the fuck did this guy come? I’m having a swim in a pond on the property my Yank husband just recently inherited in rural Wisconsin.

At least I thought it was on our property.
Turns out I was a wee bit over the border, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Meganlopez free live cams online.
I was riding on my husband’s ATV to familiarize myself with the trails and borders when I came upon this tantalizing pond.
The weather was prime for a dip and I thought I was safely hidden from all eyes. Rusir2017 free sex chats with girls and no sign ups.
I’ve barely had 10 minutes when I look up and see this yellow safety helmet bobbing through the trees.

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