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I want to fully fuck.
And you will not wait.
You are at work all the time, and you live separately, “said grandmother,” Yes, and you probably have everything on fire here. ”
With these words, she reached out to her mother’s crotch and began to stroke her.
Mom groaned and smiled gratefully to her grandmother.
Her hand reached for her grandmother’s boobs and grabbed her nipple.
Now grandma groaned.
“You probably thought about it yourself.
Admit it, continued the grandmother.
“Yes, mom, I thought.
But I’m afraid.
Suddenly, they will not agree. ”
“Do not be afraid.
Everything will be OK.
I, too, was afraid at first, and then you see how everything turned out well with you.
Moreover, I will start all the same.
Your children at such an age that they can not disagree.
Remember yourself in childhood. ”
With these words, she knelt before her mother and said.
“Now let’s end this conversation.
Everything is already decided.
So don’t think about it anymore.
And mommy now lick your pussy, my little.
But no, you had a pussy in childhood.
And now you have a cunt.
Isn’t that so? “” Yes, mommy.
I have a wet, hot cunt.
And she missed you so much.
I shave her every morning.
After all, you like when she is naked. ”
“Yes, baby.
I love your cunt. ”
With these words, the grandmother bent down and dug her lips into her mother’s crotch.
Mom groaned, her back arched.
Hands she crumpled her small tits with hard nipples.
“Yes Yes.
Lick me
Eat me.
I want you to blow all my juices out of my cunt with your mouth.
Like this.
Oh, I haven’t felt that for so long. Online erotichski chat.

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He started to put one finger in my pussy, but suddenly he sharply grabbed me by the neck and pulled me to himself: “Well, little whore, I look you really like being rude, that’s all wet.”
I just smiled back.
And he was already wielding four fingers in my pussy and a big finger in the ass.
I started moaning quickly and he abruptly pulled his fingers out of me.
“Well what a slut, where do you fuck?” He asked.
“Where you like more” – only I could answer.
And then I felt like he was sharply pushing into my pussy, it seemed as though I had been shocked by the current, I began to moan like the last whore, and he was building up and increasing the pace.
I finished in a minute such a chisel.
He stopped a little and asked: “Well, baby, do you like it when good uncles fuck you?”
I could not answer, just nodded in response.

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And he began to peck me with a new force.
I think I finished every minute and screamed as if I had 5 people.
Feeling that he was going to end he abruptly came out of me, turned around to face him and put his cock in his mouth.
With a loud roar, he began to splatter my whole face, and I began to use my tongue to drive over his head, his sperm did not want to end, I swallowed and swallowed everything.
When I licked to the end of his head, he put on his pants, kissed me and holding out his shirt said: “Get dressed, baby, let’s go drink beer.”
When we went to the kitchen our eyes opened a terrific picture.
Denis stood with his back to us, and the girls, kneeling, sucked him.
We stood in the doorway, they pretended that they did not see us, and we decided not to interfere with them, but just to look from the side.

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Denis raised them from his knees, put them on the table, sat next to him and said: “Well, girls show me how you play with each other” and added: “where is your third, Lech probably pits her in all the cracks?”.
The girls laughed and started kissing.
They touched each other’s breasts, stroked their pussies and looked each other in the eyes.
How I wanted to be near them, but Lyosha kept my hair in his fist and did not let me go.
The girls, meanwhile, went into position 69 and began to caress each other’s pussies, while Deniska sat and drew his cock.
I felt like a member of Lesh rests on my ass and how he breathes intermittently.
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