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Passion, for passion’s sake In and of itself Can be great But Passion when There is also love Seems to elevate that feeling So very high above To add new meaning and depth Make it seem more A passionate love like that Will never seem a chore It can see all consuming Yet perfect in its ease Two people loving each other As passionately as they please From the casual caresses To the intimate looks So much better feeling Than what is written in the books That feeling of rightness Of belonging to someone There is no better feeling in the world Nope, not a single one So give me love A fair helping of Passion too And I will spend the rest of my life Passionately Loving You Inhaling the tranquility of the setting sun Its rays a beautiful twilight sings The breeze a soft caress it brings You are there, but here with me The sunset whispers the promise of a love that is ever more A love that stretches beyond time with depths that only our souls understands and hungers for The light and darkness in our lives a delicious and delirious struggle culminating in a torturous bliss Wrinkles, age, distance a thing of today, will fade unlike the purity of this love When all is said and done and to our Maker we return that is where we will meet Because this love we take to Eviternity Whether I am with you or traveling afar, conjuring or actually feeling the touch of your skin, I can always taste the nectar of your love.Jasmindream inzest chatroom.