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I hope you will be less embarrassed by them than your uncle! “, I resolutely went to the phone and slowly began to dial 03.
“Uncle!”, Yulia closed, “will you really call the asylum?” “But I don’t just throw words to the wind!”, I continued to turn the drum of the phone.
“Uncle, don’t! Me.
I agree! “” On what I agree? “” So that you do an enema for me! “, the girl for some reason again switched to” you “and blushed deeply.
“Well, this is a different conversation!”, I left the phone alone, “let’s go to the kitchen, you will help me to prepare the solution for the procedure!”, I ordered and the girl doomedly dragged after me.

I took a saucepan, poured 2 liters of cool water in it, added a glass of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of liquid soap to it.
Eatem gave Yulia a large wooden spoon and told her to stir this solution well, but he chose an Esmarch mug for enemas from the closet and went to the bath to wash it inside and outside.
When this was done, I returned to the kitchen, opened the “mouth” of the mug, and told Yulia to pour water from the pan there, which she did.
“Now, Julia, open the tap on the hose and close the water as soon as water runs out of it!” “Why, uncle?” “To bleed air.

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Well done, Yulenka, you did everything right.
And now spread the enema tip with petroleum jelly so that it won’t hurt you when I start stuffing it in your ass! ”
The girl, again reddening deeply, took the box with Vaseline and carefully smeared the tip with it.
“Excellent!”, I said, “well, now I can start the procedure.
Take off your robe, panties and get on all fours, Julia! “” What, right here? Or maybe better in the toilet? “, She asked.
“There is not enough space in the toilet, it will be inconvenient! And if you are afraid that you do not have time to run to the pot, then we have a plastic bucket here!”, I replied.
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