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Resigningly to execute all orders.
Anfisa with every step of her long legs knocked out sparks of fear.
Her fiery red hair developed like thousands of snakes, ready to sting anyone who might dare to disobey their owner.
Any of her words will become law.
Red Devil girl.
And her name is Mrs.
Chapter 3
Goby relish sank into a crystal-clear ashtray.
Anna, not without pleasure, breathed the last puff.
– Anastasia Romanovna, check, I’m done.
Outside the window, slowly but surely, the gray rays of the sun sank in the first clots of the night.
Anna ran her eyes over the work done.
“Well, fine, Alex, I think you’re ready for the exam, and it’s time to finish our homework.”
– But, Anastasia Romanovna, I don’t know so much yet, I do.
– Are you ready.
she snapped.
Alex hung his head.
He was madly in love with Anastasia and, of course, she herself.
He did not like the prospect of ending classes.
Love? Perhaps, but rather a sexual attraction.
And unhealthy fantasies.
He imagined a thousand times how he would tear her up after class.
Pouring her sexy face with sperm.
He could not hide his frustration.
“Still this fucking head teacher.

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Completely slid off the coils.
“Not only did she find him in an inappropriate form in the toilet, so she also masturbate him.
” World has gone mad.
“When he saw her after this incident, Alex could not recognize her.
Anfisa Albertovna shouted at everyone, even at the students.
“This redhead beast.
“He doesn’t mind sleeping with her; in terms of sexuality, she even surpassed Anastasia, but didn’t pull him to her and that’s it, even despite such a freebie.
“How I managed to fall in love with the teacher.
“- Well, well, do not be sad, lastly you can touch my chest.
Alex’s jaw dropped.
– In – in – are you sure? He still could not believe what he had heard.
For three minutes he struggled with a stupor.
And without waiting for an answer, he reached for her chest.
A sharp pain burned his hand.
Anastasia burst out laughing.
“You seriously thought I’d let you do this?” – But.
– Maybe one day.
You have to wait.
There was no face on it.
– Wait? “She mocks me.
I’m just a toy in her hands.
Such sexy.

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“- Until hell freezes.
– smiled Anastasia.
It was a fucking fatty point of their relationship, let no romance and there was no, only friendship.
The end.
The end of everything.
Hoping, trying, bullying.
“So you go.
“Alex silently collected things.
In this silence, he dressed, did not say goodbye, and disappeared into the darkness of the entrance, leaving behind him a trace of resentment, sorrow and frustration.
Anastasia turned off the light.
She sat majestically in a leather chair.
Her throne.
The darkness was filled with puffs of tobacco smoke.
He curled around her, her servant.
No one is worthy of her. Sexting conversations to read online.

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