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It was funny, her vagina seemed to become narrow and virgin again, and Larisa was very tense and I could not push it more than half.

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And then I put my finger in her anus and began to massage my penis through a narrow wall.
Larisa moaned.
Her tongue gently licked my testicles.
Feeling that I would soon finish, I got out of it and ordered: – Lie on your back with your head to the headboard.
Hands to the sides, legs behind the head and also to the sides as wide as possible.
She obeyed.
I took out two pairs of handcuffs and chained her hands to the bars.
Then, reproaching himself that there were no other bracelets in the house, he fixed her lovely legs so that the feet were directly above the hands, and firmly tied them to the lattice.
Under her charming ass, I put a few pillows, so, kneeling, my dick was right in front of her undeveloped anus.
“You had better relax,” I said in an ominous voice, knowing full well that it would only make her tense up.
– Imagine that this is the Negro with a huge dick, if my for you is too small.
Thickly spreading the cream on two fingers, I slowly introduced them into her anus.
Larisa groaned, closing her eyes.
I moved them, moving them and pushing them back again, massaging the inner walls in circular motions wherever I could reach.
Then plentifully applied the cream on your penis, evenly rubbing it over the entire surface.
Larisa watched my preparations with interest.
Having put one hand under her buttocks so that she could not shrink, I took my second hand with my second hand.
My head approached her anus.
With the naked eye it was clear that the small hole was clearly not suitable for my giant.
But I inexorably began to enter my instrument.
Larisa screamed, bit her lips and began to move away, but almost did not succeed in this.

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She had nowhere to go.
As soon as I felt my head tightly wrapped around the warm walls of Larissa anal sex, I abruptly inserted my penis almost to the end.
My wife goggled and issued a desperate cry.
I don’t think she was too hurt: she screamed rather in surprise.
Abundantly applied cream did its job, and my tool went inside, without encountering much resistance.
Larisa was completely in my power.
I slowly moved my flushed cock in its most intimate depths, then taking it out, then pushing it all the way down, almost stopping, then picking up the pace with energetic sweeping movements.
His wife moaned languidly, bit her lips, and then began podmahivat me.
It was a trick, she wanted to enter into one rhythm with me and make her come to an end, but I deliberately beat the pace, moving apart and even stopping.
Taking advantage of the fact that her eyes were tightly closed, I took out an artificial member pre-filled with warm water.
At its end was fastened the biggest removable head, which I managed to get.
Together with her, this wonderful unit reached a monstrous size, which I was not too lazy to measure – 38 centimeters.
Continuing to move smoothly in the gentle warm depths of Larissa popochka, I spent a warm head of the penis on her belly from the navel and below.
The reaction that followed was to be seen! Larisa shuddered with her whole body, seeing that I was holding in her hands, and huddled in vain attempts to free herself.
I calmed her with a ringing slap on my thigh.
– Stop! I will confine myself to your crack.
And if I do not like the way you behave, I will insert it into your ass.
Larisa nodded and froze, watching my manipulations with horror.
And I did not hurry.
The huge head lazily crawled between its chiseled legs, parted the lips of the sex, then returned and began to slowly screw into the vagina in circular movements.
My cock felt it perfectly through the narrow wall and craved for continuation.
But judging by the face of Larissa distorted in the grimace of unfeigned horror and the resistance of her muscles, it would be risky to introduce the entire length of this miracle of technology.
Therefore, leaving it inserted about halfway, I energetically pushed both tools, piercing Larisa in her both holes in turn.
She moaned, beautifully arching in front of me and ringing handcuffs.
Finally her sweet body was reduced by a sweet convulsion of an orgasm.
Behind the camcorder clicked, announcing the end of the shooting. Livejasmin gratis.

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