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Well well.
– I thought, remembering what had happened.
A minute later, Denis came.
He was already in a new T-shirt.
– ABOUT! Already sleeping? – he said.
– Well yes.
And you let it jump.
It’s time to fight back.
I am now walking down the corridor, and Mitka stands there.
– Come on?! – Denis laughed.
So how is it? Still in shock? – Well yes.
– I said grinning.
“It’s not going to sleep exactly the whole night,” Deniska said, climbing under my blanket.
– Listen! And what are you, without panties or something? – I said when Denis moved up to me.
– Yes.
And what not? – he smiled.
Or will you scream again for me to get dressed? They are a little big to me.
– Okay, sleep, come on.
FIG with you, I told you that it’s useless to prove something to you.
– Good night, Yanik.
– He said smacking me.
– Good night.

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Deniska fell asleep almost immediately.
I, digesting everything in my brain, at first twisted for a long time, but then after a while, feeling that I was falling asleep, I rolled over to sleeping Denis, gently pressed him to me, and burying my nose in his hair, kissed me, and said again – Well, well .
– and closed his eyes.
Kid! Listen to me carefully what awaits you further in your unusual life.
Listen to me.
I have gone through all this and am still passing today, and probably know what will happen to me next.
Difficult you chose your way.
Although the word “chose” is not appropriate here.
You did not choose him.
You just gave it to you.
Dali since birth and not your fault.
Ha! The wines! Is it possible to blame a person for being born without eyes, can a baby be blamed for not hearing what everyone else hears?

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Will you blame the child for the fact that his right leg is a little shorter than his left, and he is limping? Not! People, those who still left in themselves the ability to understand and accept a person who is different from others, will accept him for what he is.
And you, a child of thirteen years old, they simply must accept into their half-rotten society and understand.
But no! Do not wait for this.
They will not allow you to be yourself, they will not allow you to be different from your kind.
They are a flock.
And you’re in this flock of pink sheep.
You are the same as everyone, but in a different color.
Live weather radar nassau bahamas.

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