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How did he know? – All of you women are the same.
You dream that you would have torn off well! With these words, he entered into me.
I twitched, the gag drowned out all sounds.
“You are not a virgin anymore.”
– The warrior froze for a moment.
I felt that my body was tense, like a taut string.
The man leaned forward and began to move in powerful pushes.
From his movements through the body like waves diverged.
His cock pierced through me.
I moaned through the gag, buried my head in the ground.
Warrior slowed the rhythm.
Now his movements were teasing.
– Here is your true purpose, – he grabbed my hair and pulled, forcing to bend, – To be stretched on the penis, – leaning over, he nipped at my ear.
– Come on, bitch, podmhivay.
I felt that I was moving towards him in such a way, shamelessly wagging my ass.
Now I really looked like a bitch, on all fours, substituting myself attached to a man behind me.
The warrior slapped me on the bottom.
– Hurry, whore! I screamed.
The man pushed me forward and I fell on my stomach.
Now his every movement was felt a thousand times stronger.
His dick moved in me, filling it out entirely.
The warrior stuck his hand and I involuntarily moved to him.
His dick hammered me without stopping for a minute, and my hand delivered a pleasure previously unknown.
A few more movements and a hot liquid spilled inside me.

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The warrior went limp, pinning me to the ground.
The man got off me and walked away, adjusting his clothes.
I watched him, unable to rise.
The body was still burning.
The warrior awoke his desire in him, but did not satisfy him.
From frustration I wanted to cry.
The man threw me a raincoat and sat in the same place.
Fumbled in the bag, strung meat on sticks, put them over the fire.
I watched him with tears in my eyes.
Gag he never pulled out.
Some time has passed.
Warrior periodically turned the meat.
I fumbled in place, but it did not get any easier.
Burning with shame, I screamed.
No reaction.
I rumbled more.
The warrior turned as if he had just heard.
– Do you want to say something? –

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he asked.
Angrily looking at him, I nodded.
The man took out the gag.
I looked at him gloomily.
– How dare you do this to me! The man pretended to be about to put the gag back in place.
I looked at him, frightened.
– Do not.
The warrior raised his eyebrows.
I licked my lips.
Swollen nipples were visible through the fabric of the cloak.
He could not help but guess my condition.
I looked at him plaintively.
Let him take the first step! The man was silent.
– You are welcome.
– I whispered.
– What? Does he not understand? I’m all wet, my body is on fire.
– You.
The man waited patiently.
I sobbed and lowered my head.
Cuddling up to his thigh.
There was a pause.
Then the man put his hand on my head.
“Please,” I whispered, “Help me!” The warrior dropped the weapon belt.
He was not going to untie my hands.
– Do you want me to take you? He asked calmly.
I nodded.
– Well.
Then work with your mouth, – his cock was opposite my lips.
I instinctively recoiled, but then opened my lips and gently touched the head.
The man grabbed my hair guiding.
– Go ahead.
I closed my eyes and tried to swallow as deep as possible.
This went on for a while. Lesbian webcam clips.

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